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5/22/2003 8:44am,
Now this ones a new one on me but this guy on the video sites down on the mat. Is this aloud in BJJ because if it is its a load of w=*k.


This is ultimate sport the ruination of technique.

The Wastrel
5/22/2003 8:55am,
You don't even know what you're looking at.

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5/22/2003 9:01am,
I expected that response so I must be correct. He fekin lie's down on the fekin mat.

Read my profile I know exactly what I'm talking about.

Fighty McGee
5/22/2003 9:09am,
He's trying to use his body weight to drag the other guy down with him. The red belt guy probably has some favorite techniques from the guard and wants to get there quickly to put himself at advantage. His timing was off in regard to pulling the other guy down, essentially a sacrifice technique. BTW 'sensei' I think you can say WANK on the intardnet.

The Wastrel
5/22/2003 9:13am,
Maybe you misunderstood me, but maybe you're also being antagonistic with this "material".

First of all, the entire clip didn't work for me, so I can't tell which one is Cameron Earle. I assume he was the better grappler in the clip. If Earle is not the one who "sat down". Earle is very good.

Is this a BJJ tournament? If so, there you go. It's a venue in which people compete over specific sets of skills. Pure BJJ tournaments still have a better and more realistic rules-set than most other forms of pure grappling tournaments.

Here's why I said you misunderstood me:

It looked to me like the inferior grappler was trying to sit down and back while drawing the stander into a submission. The attempt failed, or it wasn't well done. It's hard to tell unless you're the one involved. Doing so can work very well, I've done it many times. It looks like this guy simply failed to control his opponent's limb before sitting back. Whether that's because of poor execution or because his opponent anticipated and countered isn't clear.

I wasn't saying, "Shut up about BJJ." But you simply can't make assumptions from a video; the intentions of the competitors are opaque to us, and we certainly can't extrapolate from this instance ANY judgement about BJJ itself. Isn't that clear?

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - for ever."

5/22/2003 12:09pm,
The blue belt is a wrestler or trained in wrestling (the opening is a give away) THAT is why he is so good. WRESTLING thats the ticket. BJJ BLOWS!!!! WRESTLING RULES!!!! I LIKE EGGS!!!!

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5/22/2003 12:14pm,
I think Wastrel is right on the guy trying to jump to gaurd because he feels strong there. We have a BJJ guy with us that does it all the time. Hes good from the guard and submits many guys in the club from it. (No not me I kick his ass, but then again I dominate the club anyways. As well I should I am the one who started it!!!)

Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Zhi Dong Fang Bu Bai (Laughing Proud Warrior Invinsible Asia) Emporer of Baji!!!

5/22/2003 12:34pm,
Forgive me here.
I have done Jujitsu and Tang soo do.
What is the difference between Brazilian JJ and Wrestling?

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5/22/2003 2:52pm,
From what I can gather from the video, the guy that "sits" is trying to get his opponent with a spider guard - you control the arms witha good grip on the sleeves and you control the torso with your legs. I agree with Fighty - he looks like he's anxious to get guard. Dropping to the mat is allowed in BJJ but I think most competitions don't allow one to "jump the guard" - the person literally jumps and clutches the opponent that is still standing - like a monkey hugging a tree with arms and legs.

5/22/2003 4:28pm,
hmm i saw that one before
quite boring but the music is good

i've seen worse in terms of dropping down right away

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5/22/2003 6:48pm,
It was a BJJ sports tournament.

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5/22/2003 8:31pm,
i assumed nothing else

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

5/23/2003 4:57am,
The contenders are irrelevant to my point.

Is it a legal ploy to lie down on the mat for your opponent (because your crap at standing) in BJJ?

Someone savvy at the rules please fess up.

If it is a legal ploy then itís the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in a martial art, and I've seen some pretty ridiculous things.

Do they actually teach their students to sit on the mat?

This is a major fault in this art if they do it should be rectified. In Judo if you sit down or drag the opponent down to the mat without showing some form of technique then you are disqualified and sent to get your bag. Disgraced for being so crap.

5/23/2003 5:12am,
BJJ crap? Yeah, I imagine it is. It is just responsible for the MMA/NHB that we have today.

Where have you been for the past 10 years?

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5/23/2003 6:12am,
How can one martial art be responsible for mixed martial arts?

Your still letting your pride get in the way of facts. I'm just pointing out a flaw that I have seen.

I thought thats what this site was for.

Someone please agree with me that lying down on the floor is bad for martial arts in general.

5/23/2003 6:36am,
Right thats it I'm getting my coat.

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