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5/21/2003 2:43pm,
today at lunch my best friend and one of my worst enemies fought. my best friend owned.

he won using a barrage of punches and finished the fight with sort of a standing guillotine, it was really good.

5/21/2003 2:48pm,
Is this a good thing?

5/21/2003 2:54pm,
Well it's prolly better than getting his ass kicked!

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5/21/2003 3:13pm,
So did he win his Pokemon cards back or what?

(and yes, I'm wholly aware that jkd_fighter is only like two years younger than me, but I don't care. It's fun to be condescending)


5/21/2003 3:21pm,
umm iam 14, not 8. it was a real fight. they fought because the guy that my friend beat up stole my back pack and was dumb enuff to wear it at school, so my best friend got it back but he had to throw him around and ****. then (the kid who had my bak pak) told everyone that a bunch of kids jumped him and ****.

5/21/2003 3:23pm,
Shouldnt you have been the one fighting him then? Considering it was your backpack?

5/21/2003 3:41pm,
jkd fighter is too good to get his hands dirty


with your age i guess it is acceptable for you to make such.......great threads

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5/21/2003 3:43pm,
What happened to this forum?? We're no discussing topics with children. BooHoo.

5/21/2003 3:50pm,
and i repeat

"O Canada...."

If someone stole my backpack i don't know if i'd fight them...i am a little more subtle, not as subtle as ashida, iz ain'ts gonna jump out en slasha man. But, if you know for a fact he stole it there are many alternatives. I'd rather get revenge than the bag back.

You should have fought him, or punched him in the back of the head. But if you give a sucker punch you have to give a good line....Peronally i like "How's that sucka?" It reminds me of the A-Team.

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5/21/2003 4:11pm,
Anyone else have a difficult time finding the narrative thread in jkd's tales?

Maybe he's a nihlist and extends this to his writing.

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5/21/2003 4:15pm,
btw, there is a narrative?

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

5/21/2003 4:16pm,
Agree with BallonKnot. This really COULD be a good forum.

5/21/2003 4:20pm,
Incidently, it's not a "street fight" if it happens in the school cafeteria.

And the fact that your buddy had to fight your fight for you speaks volumes.

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5/21/2003 6:17pm,
Yeah, I'm not sure if I consider school kids fighting over a backpack a 'street fight'.

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5/21/2003 6:42pm,
In some of the schools in Miami-Dade and Broward county stabbings and shootings aren't totally unheard of. Though this case sounds like just a schoolyard brawl.

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5/21/2003 7:59pm,
Narrative thread? Hell, this is genius beyond a linear narrative.

today at lunch my best friend and one of my worst enemies fought. my best friend owned.

"today at lunch" -- no caps, just right into the sentence suggesting it's a continuation of the action of the protagonist's day. What happened earlier in the day? Look at the "my best friend and one of my worst enemies" part, with its not-quite-parallel structure. What about all the other worst enemies? What has our protagonist done that brought about this fight at lunch? What happened that he has only one best friend but a multitude of enemies? Have his other best friends been killed already?

Look at the use of "at lunch" rather than "at lunch time". Time doesn't enter into this fragment! This is at the same time part of an ongoing whole and a timeless moment, reinforced by the lack of caps at the beginning and the closing, "my best friend owned." -- obviously "owned" is a transitive verb and requires a direct object, but what do we get instead of an object? A period! It ends but it can't possibly have ended.

This, my friends, is a piece we could devote a great deal of effort to truly understanding.