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Acadian fury
6/08/2006 9:07am,
Hi all, this is my fist Thread so bare with me!

I have been doing the Wing Chun For over two years now. Up until recently, i have been questioning the quality of my instruction.

Here is how our classe's go:

The first hour is used for begginers (advanced are welcome). At the Start of the class, the sifu will look around and ask a Senior of the class to do the warm up, wich is not a big problem. Then we will be instructed to start doing conditioning drills like Biu Gee, 5 star blocks and then punching and blocking transitions. Then, after all that is done, the Sifu will look around and see how many seniors are in the class and pair them up with the begginers. The sifu will then go sit down in his office doing god knows what for the remainding half hour, while the advance teach the newbies. At the end of the first hour, we will do foot work and forms.

The only time i have seen my sifu participate in a begginer class, is when new students arrive, but even then, he walks around and checks on us once or twice during the session.

The second hour is for advanced students, wHere we are supposed to learn and further our scheduled techniques. But for the lately part, all we have been doing is wrist locks, how to take out people by different wrist locks, and how to evade from chokes and bear hugs type of defence. Mind you, my sifu is a Third degree BB in JJJ, and has showed us, in the 2 years i have been there one elbow lock while on the ground.

IF there is one of the three Brown sashes there, he will relenquish the class to him. So that means Shi soa for 1\2 hour with different partners, but without any instructions or correction, we are basically supposed to learn on our own?

On Night, for the 2 hours, we were only 2 red sashes there. The sifu told us to do our warm up, then go practice the training that is required for our level. He did not teach us at all that night. I though we could have had a personnal training, with the Sifu that night, i guess i was wrong.

There are many other things that have bugged me lately, and in the past, that are making me question the interest that he has in teaching. He always talks about how he cant wait until on of his Brown sashes get's his Black belt, so he can take over the kwoon!

My point being is this, Do all Kwoon run like this, if so why are they?

I have already been looking for other MA's but seriously thinking the MT way combined with BJJ. The only thing is, i am 34 years of age, and would love to compete in MMA tournies or even BJJ and MT compititions. I just hope i am not kidding myself. A Brown sash, (one of the good ones) told me that at 34, i am in my prime fighting time! i hope so, i guess i just need more aliveness, in MA, and prove to myself , that i am not too old, and can roll with the yougsters

Sorry for the Lenght of this but any comments and advice, on how kwoons are run would be much appreciated

P.S. I will be talking to my sifu, before i leave, and bring up all of the things that bugged me in the past years. I do not think this would cause any problems with him at all.

The only thing that is hard, right now, was teaching two begginers the other night knowing that i was leaving before the end of the month. Ah well.

6/08/2006 9:19am,
Most kwoons that I have been to are not like that. Usually it is just a bunch of guys training together including the instructor. Generally it is pretty free form. I don't know which way is the norm.

6/08/2006 9:23am,
Acadian Fury...have you done a healthy amount of lurking yet?

6/08/2006 9:33am,
One of the best figthers in our club is in his 30's. He only started a short while before me as well. If you have the desire and ability, anything is possible.

6/08/2006 9:36am,
Yes, they are all exactly like this.

Acadian fury
6/08/2006 9:43am,
If you mean by looking around in all the thousands of threads, no. to many to go around, plus many new members arrive in loads every day. i would just like to hear what other kwoons are like!

I you mean by, going to see other schools, yes i have done some MA prior to WC and were not doen like this at all.

Acadian fury
6/08/2006 9:47am,
what do you mean by "Yes, they are all exactly like this" MrMcFu

Your WC kwoon was the same?

Looked like the Sifu did not care too much?

6/08/2006 9:47am,
Just remember this. _ing _un = lots and lots of talking, theory and forms. It creates a cult like atmosphere and looks down on anyone who doesn't do it with phrases like, "I do what works for me" ::smirk:: "That's not how we do it in our school" ::smirk:: "It's a thinking man's martial art"

6/08/2006 9:48am,
what do you mean by "Yes, they are all exactly like this" MrMcFu

Your WC kwoon was the same?

Looked like the Sifu did not care too much?

Close enough. No he didn't. Well, the EBMAS one did, but not hte EWTO guy.

Acadian fury
6/08/2006 9:48am,
Crap, what school did you go too, too leave you with such a bad taste in your mouth?

6/08/2006 9:49am,
Two in Germany.

Acadian fury
6/08/2006 9:50am,
Thanks Pimp

the legslinger
6/08/2006 9:57am,
sounds like the sifu is more interested in paperwork than his own students skill development, regardless of style this is not the mark of a good teacher. Your probably better to look elsewhere. As for the being too old to fight....**** no! you should use the search function and find a poster by the name Farang Ba that guy started professional boxing in his 40's in thailand after surviving cancer and having a colostomy bag installed on him. just go out there and give it all you got. good luck!

Goju - Joe
6/08/2006 9:57am,
If it looks like poop, smells like poop. Chances are it's a steaming load of ****.

That sounds lie crappy instruction no matter what style it is.

You're paying the guy to teach you rigth?

6/08/2006 10:05am,
Alright, so you think your school is crap, you want something more in your skill box than chain punching and sticky hands, and you're insecure about your age.

Really, man, if you have questions about your training experiences, why are you checking with us if it's okay that you call someplace else? Here do yourself a favor: assume you have fifteen good years left and drop the WC for something with redeemable value. There, someone said it was okay-- you can run free little Chunner.

6/08/2006 10:10am,
I wouldn't be happy with that instruction or content. Our classes are split between beginners and intermediate/advanced as yours are. However, our sifu is nearly always involved with the class. He might not always lead it, but he will usually step in for clarifications, questions, or just different points of view. If he isn't working with the entire class he'll often take aside a single student for one-on-one work (dummy work, drills, or sparring).

I don't think there's anything wrong with someone else leading the class so long as they are qualified, though. I kind of like having different instructors as they each have their own way of doing and explaining things. So long as they aren't in direct conflict with each other's teachings, I don't have a problem with it.

You didn't mention sparring (or I missed it). Do you spar at all in your class?