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6/07/2006 6:31pm,
Well basically, I'm considering joining and I'm wondering if you had personal experience at the place and how was the quality of teaching?... and yes I did use the search function, only found 1 person who had personal experience at the place (steve357) and it looks like he liked it and yes I did research the place I just want to get some personal opinions about it.

6/07/2006 9:56pm,
I trained there for two years and currently train at the Cleveland, OH branch school (http://www.clevelandjkd.com). I moved out to LA strictly to train with him and I only wish I could have stayed out there longer.

Guro Cass is an amazing teacher; I miss the school and the people and the training, but I do get to see him when he comes out this way for seminars.

He offers 2 free classes; your best bet is to go try out the class and see how you like it.