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5/22/2006 11:10am,
Like some of of you I came across the MMA and the grappling craze in mid-nineties through several american and european martial arts magazines that started being sold in Portugal at the time.

I saw "serious" martial artists calling it the end of Martial Arts, the blackest day in a tradition that travelled across the world, bla, bla, bla.

For me it was something really different, but at the same time, really exciting and new. From then on, it has been a roller coaster of emotions and events.

MMA is now something known throughout the world, bjj has spawned a whole new view on fighting and specially ground fighting, which in turn made people look to other grappling arts and trully apreciate them for their value.

Sorry for the long intro, but as a fan of alternative realities and stuff I ask you? What would be the "right" time for this particular revolution in the martial arts?

Mid-eighties, during the ninja craze or maybe the seventies during the kung fu brain melt?

When would you place an event like the UFC? Pride? The gracies and whatever?

And what effects would that make in that particulat era?

Of course feel free elaborate and change the llingo or scenario for more acurate time frame projection.

I give you an example...trying to build an event like the UFC in the late 70's america, with all of the so called bad ass karate and kung fu masters.:new_let_i

5/22/2006 12:18pm,
I think depending on the decades perhaps.

60's-No freaking way would there have ever be a UFC.I just don't see it.With the social revolution going on I think most people would not have ever allowed an NHB type tournament being run in their city of county.People were more vocal toward what they did not like.

70's-That's a different story.This was the height of King-fu deadly mastah's.So a Gracie would have pawned even more and probably easier I think.Altought,IMHO,Judo and Kyokushin would have been at the top in that period if UFC came out then.

Just my opinion.

The 80's.Well the 80's would have been exactly the same as the 90's I guess.

But there's no question that the Gracie would have made the same effect no matter which decade the UFC came out.

Einar Fridgeirs
5/22/2006 12:22pm,
I would have wanted the Gracies to come to the US in the early seventies and hook up with guys like Gene Lebell and Bruce Lee. Perhaps Rickson could have had a cameo in Enter the Dragon?

If any celebrity endorsement could have catapulted the UFC to mainstream status within the first few shows it would have been Bruce. He would have lost to a BJJ'er the first time around, stood up and asked to learn that ****. The whole ninja and karate kid craze of the 80's might just have been averted had the UFC kicked off in say 1975....