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5/17/2006 9:31pm,
Alright, some of you read my account of Shinsuikan, while it would at least help me get/stay in shape, i'd prefer something that has more built in usefullness.

Hence, with the cancellation of my Jujutsu class, i'm trying to find Judo in the Woodville, Ohio area.

I know there is a Judan Judo place up in Toledo, but i'd prefer to find a place closer for the sake of my gas money. However if this is the only option, i'll at least give it a shot.

Any other suggestions for a place would be appriciated.

5/18/2006 11:20pm,

5/18/2006 11:40pm,
If thats the closest, take it.

I don't know your situation but if there is one martial art worth doing, its Judo. Yes, it will get you fit and yes you'll be training in a system which gives you a good grappling base.