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Martial Cartoonist
5/14/2003 5:21pm,
I was lucky enough to catch a dry run of the new Matrix flick last night. Deus ex Machina's words could never have been more classic:

"You have no idea how much I hate thee. I hate thee more than an MMA stylist hates a 7-year-old TKD black belt."

The movie itself is amazing, a total work of art, and probably the closest thing I've ever seen to a live-action anime. However, if anybody's gonna complain that the fight scenes are over-the-top, rely on wirework and CGI, and are too "unrealistic"... grow some imagination.

My skill with a sword is formidable. My skill with the s-word is flat-out lethal.

5/14/2003 5:48pm,
the closest thing I've ever seen to a live-action anime.

Before, I was just going to avoid the movie. Now I'm going to actively torch theaters playing it.


5/14/2003 6:10pm,
You realize they're making a live action version of Dragonball Z, don't you Boyd?

You should probably save the torches until then.

5/14/2003 6:18pm,

<Me> John, what do you know about Zen Buddhism? <John> *smacks me*
<John> I'd have to smack you sometime...

5/14/2003 8:54pm,

5/14/2003 9:23pm,

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.
(And my two creaky knees...)

5/14/2003 9:24pm,
God is SO dead.


5/14/2003 10:02pm,

5/14/2003 10:30pm,
Yeah. I mean, come on, Jackie Chan as Vegita? Everyone knows Goku was based on Jackie as a kid. Jet Li would be a much better choice.

Err... oops. DBZ is for kids! Yeah... that's it.

Martial Cartoonist
5/14/2003 11:00pm,
Get Andy Lau as Goku, and Jet Li as Vegeta. Jet is little and lethal, plus he can make a great bad guy.

My skill with a sword is formidable. My skill with the s-word is flat-out lethal.

5/15/2003 12:36am,
Vegeta's my favorite character, and there is no worse pairing of character to actor than him with Jackie Chan. Vegeta is evil, machiavellian, hubric and inexorable, qualities I cannot recall Jackie Chan ever having played with any success (or at all). Jet Li might be a better choice, if he could get his English down, or the movie was dubbed.

Also, back to the Matrix sequel. Frickin' awesome. The philosophic angle is like what would happen if Lao Tzu, B.F. Skinner and Fyodor Dostoyevsky got into a fistfight and the cinematic angle is equally beautiful (I nearly clapped when Morpheus had the horizontal-katana-slash scene on the freeway). The fight scenes, while they were good, could have been a little less "blocky". I would've liked to see them, instead of doing punch, block, punch, block, kick, block, throw in maybe a little chi sau or Tai chi style yielding & flowing, at least for a break in the monotony.

Kicking Machine
5/15/2003 12:56am,
I noticed that too, I was really getting sick of watching mostly blocks. Over all it was a really good movie, I was really really happy that it finally came out. The fight scene with Neo using the pipe as a long staff was my favorite. Now my brain hurts from thinking about what the Architect was saying and what happened at the end. Of course I'm not gonna say cause I know some people would get pissed off if I tell them waht happens.

5/15/2003 1:59am,
yea it kicked butt

5/15/2003 2:33am,
Boyd, won't it be apparent that its an inside job? Also while the "philosophy" in the first flick was pretty banal the movie overall was entertaining, if for nothing else than sheer technical amazement.

Mercurius, it was more like if their cliff notes got in a fight.

**Get in my belly!**

5/15/2003 4:05am,
Its not friggin fair! We don't get to see this until next week in the UK! Even the french get to see it tomorrow!

5/15/2003 4:18am,
I want my 2.5 hours of life back.

What the ****? If I wanted to see Wushu, I'd turn it off on my TV.


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