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5/14/2003 5:24am,
With all the talk on here about how good BJJ is, I have been looking into it a lot resently. I have "The Essence of BJJ" by Machado, but I wanted something by a Gracie.

Which of these 2 books is the better, for explaination of the history of the style and application:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Self-defense

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Theory and Practice

deus ex machina
5/14/2003 5:40am,
Not to be a patronizing asshole, but instead of worrying about which book is better, why not just go down to a BJJ academy and roll? And to be perfectly honest, who cares about history? =T All you need to know about the history can be gathered right here by plenty of knowledgeable people. As for application, well, just start learning BJJ, and you'll know. ^_^


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5/14/2003 8:54am,
the theory and practice is alot more like what you will see in class. I picked it up when i was planning on beginning BJJ...alot of the stuff does not make alot of sense until you start rolling with someone.

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5/14/2003 11:06am,
I dont have any real interest in studying BJJ. Just wanted to know a little more about it.

I thought Theory and practice looked interesting, plus if it gives me some ideas to incorporate into my Judo Randori, all the better.

5/14/2003 11:58am,
Well, both books are pretty good. But you will learn little from a book.

5/14/2003 1:56pm,
Books are limited of course, try Gene Simco's Master Text, I prefer that.

5/14/2003 2:05pm,
Osiris and I just had a big discussion about this in on of the grappling vs. striking for SD threads.

In my opinion the Theory and Technique book is far superior to the Gracie Self-defense book.

Just like you, I really had no true interest in actively training in BJJ I just wanted to check some things out and find out what it was about. If it looked cool, I might check into it further.

I was very impressed with the Theory and Technique book and by working through some things with a willing partener was able to sucessfully use it to add skills and individual techniques to my bag of tricks.

I didn't really persue any outside training because that book seemed to be geared for sport applications and I don't intend to do that.

I was very excited when the self-defense book can out and was very anxious to see the same princlpes and theories in the first book applied to more real life type situations. I was VERY disappointed. There was nothing in the second book that added in anyway to the training I had already recieved elsewhere that I could get to work in any realistic way with even a cooperative partner let alone one resisting me.

I don't know if my own style's self-defense skills are really all that good, or the ones detailed in that Gracies book are just that bad, but if you're going to buy it, you're doing so at your own risk.

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Fisting Kittens
5/14/2003 2:10pm,
to add my 2 cents to that:

Theory and technique = very good book.
Self Defense = very bad book
The Essence of BJJ = AWFUL book. there is some sloppy **** in that one

Alternatively wait for Royler and Renzo's second book (coming out soon) on BJJ for abu dhabi style submission grappling. Focuses on no gi applications.

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5/14/2003 2:42pm,
Self Defense is a very good book...it is more of theory and technique expanede...the self defense stuff is Just Judo.

5/14/2003 3:05pm,
I guess its all about what you have been preivously exposed too.

Like I said, the theroy and technique book allowed to think and do things in a way I never have done before.

The SD book stuff that worked was nothing new to me and all the other stuff was worse then stuff from my own system.