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5/08/2006 10:46am,
I am not posting this to just flame this school.

I would like to know if anyone here has any experiance good or bad with this school. I have reasons for wanting to know what people with ACTUAL experiance with this school have to say about it.

Looking at the website my knee jerk reaction is... McDojo, but I don't know without going there and seeing what they do. Red flags I see are Blackbelt club, and Demo Team.

But, that being said, I would like input from some one who has acutal experiance.


5/08/2006 10:50am,
The site + the costumes hurt me... they heart me deep inside..

5/08/2006 12:25pm,
On the plus side, those silk pajamas look much more comfortable than my nasty old gi.

5/08/2006 4:09pm,
Shorin is Japanese for Shaolin

Kuing Fu = Chinese Martial Arts.

2 Languages = Bullshit

5/08/2006 5:22pm,
You realize that this is the reciprocal of Shaolin-do?

5/08/2006 5:25pm,
1983 Kumite Full Contact Champion, Korea?!?


As the reigning Kumite Champion of Korea since 1998, I can guarantee you that he is lying.

Doctor X
5/08/2006 7:54pm,
Wait . . . I thought I was the reigning Kumite Champion of Korea!

No, sorry, I am the reigning Korea Kumite Champion.

--J. "The Popular Front of Judea" D.