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5/05/2006 12:20am,

this is a nfl player thats big as **** againsts a way smaller BJJ fighter....no strikes just wretlin with submission

i have my own expiernce with BJJ effectivness........i used to wrestle 4 three years so i already kno how to grapple some but lately i have been studying BJJ films for hours at a time at nite before i go to bed......since i dont have the time or money to go learn in from someone well anyways me and my pops always wrestle and **** but it has been awhile since we last did and we just did today.......he usually beats me just cuz he is bigger then me......but not today lloll......i basically dominated him in all aspects....i def surprised myself becuz i learned **** threw just watchin films and studyin them.......and i have heard that thas how even tanner from the ufc first got started with learnin ground fighting he used to watch films and learned that way too.......my father was surprised as well lloll......so i def plan on taking it foreal once i get some time too.....there is supossely a guy trained by royce gracie that has a place somewhere around here really close but yea just thought i'd post that since it made my day lloll

5/05/2006 12:24am,
Use... PARAGRAPHS! (Sentences wouldn't hurt either!)

But yes, tanner started out by fucking around with friends based on instructional tapes, and I think that's awesome - BJJ is definately effective, I just started into it myself and i'm loving it.

5/05/2006 1:14am,
Hope you didn't hurt your pop to much. I wrestle with my 8 year old a fair bit. I know a day will come when he will domonate me against my will. His most affective move is a savage ear pull, hurts like hell.

5/05/2006 1:27am,
haha i wont hurt him.......but yea thas cool man thats how me and my dad have always been just wretlin all the time sometimes spar and hit eachother up alil.....we never go full contact when we spar we just play around or w/e but yea if i have gotten better at my ground game from just studyin films i cant wait to be trained foreal....the **** is def fun and works

but like i said before i'm not completely clueless on the ground anyways because i have wrestled for 3 years

5/05/2006 1:41am,
you should seriously work on your writing skills. Whereever you have ...., you can just use a period (.) and a space. Then you can capitalize the starting word of the next sentence. This would speed up people's reading your post by 2x.

5/05/2006 1:52am,
So in summary: you've never done BJJ, but you used it to beat your father.


BJJ wins again?

5/05/2006 4:01am,
No you dont.
Nice to see you can help out a guy who wishes to learn sub grappling from watching and playing with jiu jitsu on top of his wrestling base….

5/05/2006 4:09am,
I think watching early UFC videos opened a lot of peoples eyes about what works in a fight . A friend and I (both clueless in grappleing at the time ) tried arm bars on each other, only to be crushing our nuts with the arm that we tried to lock.

5/05/2006 7:26am,
[QUOTE=kxfour]Use... PARAGRAPHS! (Sentences wouldn't hurt either!)

Real words would be a big plus, too.

5/05/2006 8:12am,
This has to be a trick . . .