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6/27/2002 1:05am,
Hey everyone, as you can probably tell, I'm new here, and I hate the average McDojo with a passion.

I was curious as to what everyone thinks of Matt Furey. I've been around his website a bit, and I'll agree that he sounds like he would sell a refrigerator to an eskimo, but on the other hand what he markets in Combat Conditioning seems legit(I remember seeing some of the Hindu exercises in Tao of JKD).

Anyway, since I don't know myself what to think of him and his stuff, I thought I'd ask you guys another side of the story than what his website provides.

6/27/2002 3:11am,
you realize you're just inviting people to flame him?

Matt Furey Fan
6/27/2002 5:25am,
Flame? Whasthat?

You want to know what sounds good?
A flame broiled whopper with cheese Mmmmmm......YUMMY!!<img src=icon_smile_tongue.gif border=0 align=middle>

6/30/2002 4:06am,
you realize you're just inviting people to flame him?

What are you worried about? It's your specialty, dude.

6/30/2002 3:20pm,
I'm not worried about anything, I just inform people that flames might start flying.

DJ Coldfusion
7/02/2002 4:37pm,
Furey is the ultimate Snake Oil salesman of the martial arts. Whether he is skilled in the MA or not, and he has never stepped into the ring to prove anything. Oops, one competition in China . . . how far out of the country will he go the next time he fights just so he can claim he won something???

Hey Matt, do something, somewhere in your own country . . . or atleast compete in a competition that is outside a third-world country.

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ADMIN, what happened to the Furey files????? We must educate the people!

7/03/2002 4:35pm,
All of Peedee and Choke's articles are in the Features->Articles section of the page. Look for the links up top.

DJ Coldfusion
7/03/2002 6:59pm,
I was referring to the Furey pictures that I submitted.

Roidie McDouchebag
7/13/2002 2:53am,
oh right! crap did you put up his pics Phrost???

7/13/2002 3:21am,
Yeah, I think so.

Roidie McDouchebag
7/13/2002 5:10pm,
Ok, good, they're pretty funny. Where are they?

7/13/2002 6:09pm,
Not sure. On second thought, I don't think I ever got the pics you're talking about.

DJ, please resend them to [email protected]

DJ Coldfusion
7/15/2002 6:56pm,
Check your email Phrost.

More to come.

7/15/2002 10:24pm,

Ok, I've uploaded them into the server.

Can you post them in the Pictures section with a description, etc for each. Go to Features -> Pictures and there's a link that'll let you submit them.

7/16/2002 1:26am,


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