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4/29/2006 2:23pm,
To be short, I live in the Columbus area and am in desperate need of a [B]striking[B] school that trains in sparring and isn't so rediculously priced.
I have tryed most OSU MA clubs, Dublin "Elite" (give me a fucking break) MA, and a couple others.

Any suggestions/recommendations/criticism welcome.


4/29/2006 4:00pm,
1) Get yellow pages
2) Search for kickboxing, muay thai, kyokushin, sanda/sanshou etc.
3) Visit schools that show promise
4) Make your decision based on your visit and/or trial/one class

Hopefully some Ohio residents will be able to be of more help.

4/29/2006 5:45pm,
I've heard that the OSU FMA club is pretty good, have you checked it out yet?

4/29/2006 5:57pm,
I am originally from Columbus and know a lot of the schools in the area. Including Dublin Elite. I understand your frustration with them. They have an excellent Kung Fu instructor that I train with a couple of times a month when I am in town and I am currently helping him to start a sparring group for the kung fu students. Which basically means it will be me and one other guy sparring.

Dublin Elite is actually trying to get an MMA program started but they are having a lot of problems. They only have two guys who are training seriously and they are getting so fed up with the owner that I haven't even seen them in there the last couple of times I was in town. The main problem is the owner. She has a lot of things she wants to accomplish but has been somewhat unrealistic in how to go about accomplishing them. And I think due to her TKD background she is more money oriented than anything else.

Any case you should consider going to Dublin Elite in May for a seminar. They are having Neal Rowe in to give a Muay Thai/MMA seminar and he is who I currently train under. He is Rich Franklin's Muay Thai coach and his standup is some of the best I've seen first hand. If your interested I'll get the information and post it here for you.

As far as other schools, you would be better off telling me some places you are considering and then I can tell you what I know or have heard about them.

If you want stand up there is an MMA school in Grove City which is about 15 minutes south of downtown. I trained there about a decade ago under the original owner. At that time the school was cliqueish, a situation where one group of senior students would regularly single someone out to "teach a lesson". Translation: Let's beat this guy up and show him whose boss around here before he gets better than us.
But from what I've heard and seen of the school recently I don't think that goes on anymore, all but one of the guys that were pulling that crap are now gone and I have heard excellent things in regards to the skill level of their current standup instructor.

I also believe there is a Muay Thai gym on the west side of Columbus off of Wilson Rd. But I have heard that the "Kru" of the gym, who is Thai, is actually in no way certified as a Kru or recognized as one by any legitimate organization. But again that is way I've heard that doesn't mean it's true.

Another option would be to get into contact with the only two serious fighters out of Dublin Elite. This would probably be the cheapest option because you could just train with them and not even deal with Dublin Elite at all. If you are interested in doing this let me know and I can arrange an introduction. You could also discreetly ask them about training with them outside of Dublin Elite if you go to the Muay Thai seminar in May.

Like I said if you find a place you want info about let me know and I'll see what I can tell you.

4/29/2006 5:58pm,
I think the OSU FMA Club is actually taught by the FMA instructor out of the Grove City MMA school. And yeah he is pretty good, real solid skills.

5/02/2006 1:36pm,
Some of the OSU clubs show promise, but due to time restrictions I can only join one, which is already been filled by the Ittoryu class under Craig Campbell, whom is the greatest fighter I have seen yet with my eyes.
As for the DEMA, I know the two players whom your talking about, Josh and Derek?
The owner is very money oriented, and for that reason it ruins whatever MA she might contribute.
I was told about the MT seminar, could you enlighten me with any details.

5/02/2006 1:55pm,
Actually I was talking about Derek and Nick. Josh is an excellent MAist but he is not doing the MMA training that the other two guys are. The seminar is from 1-4 on May 13. I would check with DEMA to be sure. Mr. Rowe is a professional Muay Thai boxer with a lot of experience and he currently coaches Rich Franklin and has also coached Jorge Gurgel and Josh Rafferty, all UFC guys. I think that the focus of the seminar is going to be standup striking and clinch work.

5/02/2006 2:08pm,
I have been at the IMB in grove city for about 5 months now. As mentioned above the instructor for the FMA club at OSU trains at the grove city school. Anyway they teach muay thai/kickboxing, BJJ, FMA and some JKD. Quite a bit of sparring goes on.

The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable (and most still compete to some degree) and the atmosphere is mostly layed back from what I have seen.

As far as being cliqueish; I have not witnessed any of that in my time there.

The prices are pretty low, 65 a month for one art, classes twice a week between 1-2 hours. For 75 I think you can train everything 7 days a week. (open gym on sundays)

The BJJ instructors are purple belts under jorge gurgel I believe.
Kickboxing is mostly under bustillo/IMAA
The fma seems to come from various places; doce pares/canete, bustillo, inosanto etc.

website is here http://www.imbcolumbus.com/

5/02/2006 2:22pm,
That's good to hear oneobliv, the impression that I had was that the cliqueish BS was long gone and has been for many years now. And if you can train unlimited classes for $75 a week then that is the best deal in town!

5/02/2006 2:46pm,
Yeah, from what I gathered the owner is not really looking to make a profit and is just running the place because he enjoys it; something about not even having raised the prices since he took over the school however many years ago.

5/02/2006 2:54pm,
That's awesome. I think that is probably the cheapest place in the area for what is being offered. I remember a lot of places in Columbus being well over a $100/mo and in most cases the quality of instruction is no where near what they are offering in Grove City.

5/02/2006 3:37pm,
30 seconds on google found a well run boxing program in the local community centers for $200 a year. This one - the Douglass community center - got its name from mr James "buster" douglass.


Boxing wins again.

5/02/2006 5:00pm,
Thank you all very much for the suggestions. I think I will try out this FMA place in grove city, again thanks.

5/03/2006 5:40pm,
30 seconds on google found a well run boxing program in the local community centers for $200 a year. This one - the Douglass community center - got its name from mr James "buster" douglass.


Boxing wins again.

yes this is a good gym. alot of good boxers have come from here.
I havent been in Columbus for a while. The OSU clubs were overrated IMO, plus you had to deal with the rec center gouging the non-students. This made it hard to have llarge clubs. There is a muay thai guy who does one of clubs on campus, he runs a gym in hilliard i believe. Ill have to look up his name thoguh, I forgot.