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Nathan McScary
4/26/2006 10:18pm,
Alright, this is kind of a dumb question that I'm sure plenty of you will laugh at, but here it goes...

Can you get different degrees (dan) in BJJ? If so, do many people ever get them?

I never hear about people getting above black, but in UFC, Royce was often called "a forth degree blackbelt". Now I know that there was a lot of puffery in early UFC, but I do recall seeing Royce with several lines on his black belt too, that looked like additional dan.

Help a non-BJJer understand.

4/26/2006 10:20pm,
I don't think it's common for anyone but really high-level guys who contribute to the art itself (and if your last name is "Gracie") to get degrees above black belt.

4/26/2006 10:28pm,
I thought it was automatic for black belts; after every 5 years you get another stripe.

4/26/2006 10:29pm,
hay guys whats goin on lol (http://bjj.org/a/ranks.html)

broken fingers
4/26/2006 10:39pm,
^^^ gives you all you need...

4/26/2006 11:16pm,
Despite it being outdated

4/27/2006 2:00am,
As far as I'm aware, it has to do with time in grade (every 3 years) up to 3rd degree. After that, there are a number of qualifications (i.e. 4th degree = you have competitive black belt students) of which I'm largely unaware.

Keep in mind that degrees in BJJ really don't have much to do with fighting ability, and more to do with time and contribution to the art.

4/27/2006 2:30am,
My BJJ teacher is a 4th degree BB and has told me it is just "time in grade". If you still train & compete or teach , you will get promoted, IF you are connected to the CBJJ or a higher ranking Black Belt.

There is little mention of it, because it means little.

4/27/2006 11:32am,
All that really matters in BJJ is what you can do on the mat, as a result, no one really cares about degrees once you get your black belt. For example, a 4th degree black belt would not have seniority over a 3rd degree black belt and so on.

From the time you get your black belt until 3rd degree, you can get a degree every 2 years- its purely a time thing. After 3rd degree I believe its every 5 years after that until your next degree.

Theres a couple of catches though:

1: You have to register your dan grade with the Confederation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (CBJJ) to which I believe you'd have to pay a small fee for your dan grade (kinda like paying your dues to the organization). Its because of this that most black belts dont bother with putting stripes on their belts- it really doesnt matter and they dont feel like paying for the privledge of putting a piece of tape on your belt.

2: You can not rank higher than your senior instructors that you were promoted under. Red belts are awarded for 10th degree black belts, which will only be worn by the innovators of the art (Carlos and Helio Gracie). There will be no other Red belts in BJJ. Red and black I believe signifies 7th degree and above- Relson holds this rank. Rickson is also a 7th degree BB.

Anyways, about surpassing your instructors rank- Royler I believe is a 6th degree black belt- Saulo Ribeiro, his student, is a 4th degree black belt- Saulo will not be able to hold a higher dan rank than Royler as time progresses, regardless if hes a black belt for "X" amount of years.

A BB under Saulo wont be able to go above 4th dan until Saulo does, and so on.

As was said though, its purely a time thing and most people dont care about it. The only thing that "X" degree black belt is good for is advertising to newbies who dont know that it means nothing.