View Full Version : Wolfe99 and Shenlungyi: Peas in a rotten pod of Mckwoonery

Mor Sao
4/26/2006 3:48pm,
Hey "Wolfe99" and "Shenlungyi",

it has been a while since we heard a peep out of either of you. Have you seen my nice shiny article about how Shen s nothing more than a videotape master with so many posts around the net. It is very funny to see that he claims so many years of training in certain arts( Hsing Yi Chuan), yet does not offer this art nor his other long years of experience art of Wing Chun.

Love how he mentions in one of the postings that he has 6 months experience in Liu He Ba Fa and is now teaching it as well as selling dvds of the materil on Ebay.

Here is a link to the article in case you missed it.


Would love to hear more about your training as well as all that Ninja training in that ryuha that died out in the 60's.

4/26/2006 4:38pm,
Hey, last time I checked, Bullshido is not a platform for your vendettas. So thanks, but no thanks.