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4/23/2006 3:36am,
Right now I train & teach a couple different syles of Escrima /Arnis and have grappled for 7 years total, though I 'm not as good as most people who have grappled for 7 years.

I wrestled a little in High School & did some Judo as well.

I earned a Black Belt in a crappy style of "American Jujitsu" Danzan Ryu off-shoot, but no longer practice, I've Studied about 5 other TMAs though none for more than 18 months.

For the past year I have taken up Boxing 1x a week. I LOVE boxing; it's my new passion. Goes great with the FMAs. I just wish I had started years ago. Oh well...

I've done a few "RBSD" types of courses as well as handgun training. Some good, some not so good.

I like this forum a lot.

That's really it for me.


4/23/2006 4:12am,
Welcome to Bullshido!! I also just posted my first thread a couple of hours ago.