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5/11/2003 9:05pm,
Just got this email from these guys:

Hey Friend,

Did you get my new videos? The reason I'm asking is I might take them off the
market. See unlike most martial art clowns who do the same traditional garbage,

It is rare that I put out videos because I've been RIPPED off by other so called
"reality based martial artists" too many times! Frankly, I'm scared this will
happen with the new anti-grappling technology I've put out. I mean this stuff
is powerful!

The only people who are using "some" of this technology are the TOP FIGHTERS in
the world!

I'll extend the 97$ offer (add $10 shipping, add $5 for international orders)
for another 7 days... Then it's gone!

Get em now by sending a money order or check to my Director:

*Address Withheld*

Or for lightning quick shipping use your credit card with www.paypal.com and
send it using our email [email protected]

Christophe Clugston

"I'm willing to bet I could **** up an emu real good, if I got the drop on the bastard."
-- KC Elbows, my new hero.

5/12/2003 2:12am,
Holy sh*t!! Anti-grappling technology!! Like baseball bats??

I'd forgotten about this guy. Isn't he the one who can speak 40,000 languages?

And JKDChick, I'm somewhat impressed that you'd get this kind of spam. All I get are offers for credit, free cell phones and videos involving the animal kingdom.

5/12/2003 2:25am,
The guy may actually have something new and useful but his marketing here makes him sound like a bad sham artist.

He may refuse to sell it so it doesn't get stolen by others ?

So he is saying he'd rather make no money at all and keep it all to himself...

El Guapo says, ""You can buy muscles, but you can't buy COJONES!"