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8/20/2002 5:14am,
Judo students foil carjacking
August 19, 2002 Posted: 11:31 PM EDT (0331 GMT)

Tyrone Jermaine Hogan, 20, is being held in lieu of $1.2 million bail.



LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- If there was a "Bad Career Move" award for car thieves, police in Los Angeles say they have a candidate -- a man who tried to steal a minivan with a judo team inside.

The co-ed team from Florida International University of Miami was in town to teach a self-defense course and were taking a tour of Hollywood before heading to the airport Sunday afternoon when they crossed paths with the carjacker at a gas station about six blocks from where he had carjacked a Nissan minutes earlier.

In that incident, police said, the carjacker punched the Nissan's driver and pulled him out of the car then drove away with the female passenger.

The carjacker pushed the woman out of the car after trying to steal her purse, police said.

A Los Angeles man is being held on kidnapping and carjacking charges after a vanload of Florida judo students fought back (August 19)

The suspect apparently was trying to ditch the first vehicle and steal another when he approached one of the students, police said. He demanded money and got into a scuffle with judo student Nester Bustillo.

"We get into a little bit of a struggle and he eventually winds up jumping into, trying to take our car," Bustillo told a local TV station.

The other students piled on and subdued the suspect in a body hold until police arrived.

"They hit him a couple of times and brought him to ground," said LAPD Officer Jack Richter. "Our department does not condone or recommend that people do that in a carjacking because you never know if the carjacker is armed."

Police identified the suspect as Tyrone Jermaine Hogan, 20, who was being held in lieu of $1.2 million bail.

Another news source reported that a female student got the car jacker in a rear choke and held him. LOL He got choked by a girl!!!! (No offense Sammatha!)

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8/20/2002 3:32pm,

Judo Club Members Beat Up Carjacker
Mon Aug 19, 7:47 AM ET
By KATE BERRY, Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Florida judo club members beat and doused an alleged carjacker with gasoline then handed over the grimacing, moaning 20-year-old to police officers.

Tyrone Jermaine Hogan, of Los Angeles, held his ribs Sunday and winced in pain as TV news crews recorded his arrest.

"The boys are punching him in the face and I wanted to go around for a choke, to choke him out, but I didn't want to risk getting punched in the head, so I started pounding him from the back," said Christina Baldacci, a Florida International University judo club member.

The Florida judo club members weren't Hogan's first alleged victims.

At 1:30 p.m., Hogan allegedly carjacked a couple, punching the driver, in the face, pulling him out of his Nissan and driving away with his wife in the passenger seat, said police Sgt. Karlene Gibson.

Hogan allegedly tried to steal the woman's purse. Failing, he shoved the woman out of the car. Witnesses followed him but lost sight of him.

Hogan reappeared about six blocks away at a Hollywood gas station.

Meanwhile, the athletes, who were in town to teach a self-defense class, had taken a tour of Hollywood just before stopping for gas on their way to Los Angeles International Airport to return home.

One of the student athletes told police Hogan began harassing another couple before making eye contact with him.

Hogan then asked a team member for money and reached into their rented minivan to try and steal the car keys.

But the match was a mismatch.

"We had this guy like a pretzel on the ground," said Nestor Bustillo, the team's judo instructor.

During the scuffle that broke out between Hogan and a half-dozen team members, the nozzle of a gasoline pump broke off, making the situation dangerous, Bustillo said.

"We were wrestling around, there was gas pumping out and we were trying to subdue this guy," he said.

Hogan was arrested for investigation of felony carjacking, kidnapping and robbery, said Sgt. Allen Hamilton. He was held in lieu of $1.2 million bail.

Some of the judo club members who were doused with gasoline during the scuffle took showers at the LAPD ( news - web sites)'s Hollywood station before the club caught a flight to Miami.

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8/20/2002 4:36pm,
hmm. i think a van full of any non-romo people could take on a petty criminal. i would be more impressed if it was a one-on-one encounter.

i saw the team on the Abrams report on CNN. it's really annoying how the media idolizes anything martial-arts related - equating it indefinitely with self-defense.

8/21/2002 8:21am,
T-shirts that friends of mine back home actually own:

"Come back to Miami. We weren't shooting at YOU."

"Ft. Lauderdale. At least we're not Miami."

"Happiness is a Quebecois going home with a New Yorker under each arm."