View Full Version : Tang So Do and the WTSDA

5/09/2003 9:29am,
I come from a Tang So do backgroud, and no school I have worked with has been associated with the WTSDA.
When looking for a new school I find that TKD has many a Mcdojos. This is main reason why I prefer finding a Tang So Do school.
I am becoming concerned though. It seems that schools associated with the WTSDA are beginning to exhibit signs of mcdojoism.
Am I being too picky, or is Tang So Do going the way of TKD?

Your skills are EXTRAordinary; You have our Gratitude.

5/09/2003 9:42am,
Needless to say, when you have people splintering off and forming their own groups, they are bound to make it easier for others to join and gain rank. This will eventually lead to the watering down of the arts. It is a sad state of affairs.

Jeremy M. Talbott