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4/06/2006 12:11am,
Police blotter

Apr 05 2006

During the week of March 26 to April 2, police responded to about 150 complaints and requests for assistance. Twenty-four guests were lodged in detachment cells during this time. One man enjoyed his stay so much that he checked back in again, very soon after check out.

On March 31 he was arrested as a result of a multitude of panhandling complaints. Ordinarily, people tend not to report panhandlers to the police. Ordinarily, panhandlers tend not to loudly lambaste the people who declined the opportunity to donate and if they do, they tend not to follow up with an impromptu martial arts, shadow boxing demonstration. In that case, we almost always get called.

After the third such complaint, the suspect was located and arrested. Police were also treated to a clumsy, drunken, martial arts display whereby this neer-do-well very nearly KOd himself. He was poured into the drunk tank for the night. Interestingly (maybe only to me, but ...) he had more cash in his pockets than I had in my own at the time. He was released the next morning, once he was sober and upon his undertaking to keep the peace and be of good behaviour.


4/06/2006 8:08pm,
That guy hangs out on "The Ave" near the Univeristy of Washington.

And I trained him!

bad credit
4/07/2006 12:04am,
I bet the homeless guy was a stockbroker, NRA member, and young republican who bought a stained copy of Short Hand Empty Hand at a used bookstore, read it, and lost his mind. The guy who sold the book in the first place needed the money for BJJ lessons. He made his sanity check. That's right, SHEH is the new Necronimocon.