View Full Version : anybody know of a BJJ school?

8/19/2002 9:21pm,
anybody know of any BJJ schools in south Florida???? I would love to begin classes. I'm only 15 you think they would have any problems with my age?

Roidie McDouchebag
8/19/2002 10:14pm,
They shouldn't have a problem with your age. I think Shooter lives in south Florida.

8/19/2002 10:15pm,
Someone wrote an article about a joint in Naples that did BJJ/MT/Wado-ryu karate, you might want to look into that.

And that's what I call REAL Ultimate Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/19/2002 10:39pm,
I believe there is a Gracie academy in Miami.

The Oldschool is here....and I'm going to Rell in a Randbasket!

8/19/2002 11:19pm,
i'm looking more in west palm beach area