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3/28/2006 11:23pm,

\"The constitution is just a piece of paper!\"

Ground & Pound's Tim Leidecker spoke with the controversial Abu Dhabi Champion on Januarry 11, 2006, about the political
and social problems in the United States as well as his upcoming fight against Branden Lee Hinkle at UFC 57.

Ground & Pound: To do away with any prejudices right at the beginning: What are you exactly Mr. monson?
Anarchist, communist, terrorist, vandalist?

jeff monson: I am an anarchist, someone who would like to do away with all class hierarchy in society and the institutions that promote this inequality.

GnP: How long can the United States still bear with George W. Bush?

JM: The sad truth is that as long as the media is controlled by those in charge, propanganda and misinformation will continue to be forcefed to the public and consequently change will be very hard to come by. Bush would probably be elected again if the law allowed for three terms.

GnP: Do you think that either the 2000 or 2004 elections could have possibly been rigged?

JM: Nothing would suprise me but I am not a conspiracy theorist. I need to see facts before being convinced of anything. Saying that, Bush did steal the 2000 election but not by ballot improprieties. Months before the election, George's brother Jeb was able to push through a measure which forbade felons to vote in the State of Florida. However, the election officials bungled and thousands of Florida citizens who had never committed a felony were denied their right to vote. The errors were eventually corrected and voting rights restored... after the election. Over 80% of the 47,000 people affected by this \"mistake\" were black; voters who traditionally (especially in southern states) vote democratic.

GnP: Does the republican party \"abuse\" the relgious beliefs of the US citizen in order to get more votes?

JM: It is obvious that Republicans attempt to impose their \"Christian\" values on Americans and the rest of the world for that matter. I think its more of an attempt to justify certain actions than a move to garner votes.

GnP: Do you think the war in Iraq can be interpreted not only as quest for oil but also as religious crusade?

JM: I really can't believe the war is a religious crusade because it is really inconceivable that Bush and his cronies could commit these kind of atrocities and actually believe they are acting in the name of God. When you send your citizens to die for economic profit, make shady deals with dictatorships they condemn publicly, eliminate environmental protection regulations and eradicate funding for the poor and mentally ill, it makes it difficult to justify in the name of Christianity.

GnP: Are parts of the US media guilty of creating a mass panic from terrorism reports?

JM: The media is just a propanganda machine, spitting out words the government has given them to get the atttention of the dull-witted masses: Wmd's, terrorists, insurgents, democracy. When I'm in Japan they have an international newspaper at the hotels. It is shocking to see the difference between unbiased news coverage compared to what we
have here in the US.

GnP: What do you think of projects like \"Rock Against Bush\"? Do you think it's a legitimate approach at opening people's eyes or just an attempt of exploiting a politically controversial opinion commercially?

JM: I think these projects have good intentions; it's just important to keep the goal in view. Is the goal to educate people or to make money? Ultimately those running the projects will have to decide what is important to them.

GnP: Through your job as a fighter you have travelled large parts of the US as well as forgeign countries like England, Brazil or the United Arab Emirates. Judging from you experiences would you say that the \"Project Multiculturalism\" has failed in the US more than elsewhere?

JM: What I have learned through traveling is that people really are products of their environment. Poverty, corruption and lack of freedom breeds discontent. The inequality between classes is the fuel for this discontent. The old saying goes \"'money is the root of all evil\"; but really it is class inequality which leaves most unable to self-actualize (reach their potential) which I believe is the basis for human misery.

GnP: The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees every citizen the freedom of speech. On the other hand you are receiving a lot of heat from large parts of the MMA community for your non-conformal opinion. How do you deal with that personally and do you think that part of the bill of rights is not in peoples minds anymore?

JM: The constitution is just a piece of paper that gets changed or ignored when those in charge find it to be inconvenient to what they want at the time. It has happened since the constitution was first drafted. This just was proved again when congress signed over the right to declare war over to the president directly violating the constitution. However, most importantly to me (and to anarchists): How can another person or document GIVE me my rights? Who is anyone to tell me what MY rights are? The constitution guarantees MY freedom of speech because some rich, white, land owners, 200 years ago decided they would by their good graces GIVE me this right? The declaration of independence states that all men are created equal. If this is to be believed than how can one man decide what another man's rights are? That is why the U.S.
is seen as the land of hypocracy.

GnP: How do you agree on the anarchists rule of thumb of non-violence and your life/profession as a fighter?

JM: Not all anarchists believe in non-violence. There are different schools of thought in the direction that resistance to oppression should take. A career in fighting really can't be compared because obviously it's a profession and the violence is contained to competiton.

GnP: At UFC 57 in four weeks time you are facing Branden Lee Hinkle from Mark Coleman's team. Even though he has never submitted anybody even close to your caliber, do we have to fear you being held down and controlled by a bigger man?

JM: He is an outstanding wrestler, that is for sure. I know he is a strong guy as well. I would like to keep the fight standing as much as possible and work my striking.

GnP: There are some insiders in the fight game who claim that the fight has been booked because Hinkle is the champion on (right-wing) Joe Krantz' show World Extreme Fighting. Do you think there's any truth in making it a political battle?

JM: I really was unaware of the WEF title or anything about that organization to be honest.

GnP: What would your gameplan against Arlovski look like?

JM: I think I can match his game. I would feel comfortable in any position against him. I know he's dangerous though
and I definately respect his ability.

GnP: Are you disappointed that you never had the chance to showcase your talent in Japan so far? Shouldn't the best heavyweight grappler not be in the PRIDE Heavyweight Grand Prix as well?

JM: It's long overdue but unfortunately I don't get to make those decisions. In the near future I hope.

GnP: In the end, do you have a message for your fans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland?

JM: I appreciate all the support. I will be doing a few grappling/MMA seminars in Europe this spring and will definately be going to Germany. Thanks again!

http://www.groundandpound.de/interviews/in..._monson_de.html (http://www.groundandpound.de/interviews/interview_110106_monson_de.html)

Video of his latest fight vs. right-winger Brandon Lee Hinkle:

3/29/2006 1:34pm,
Awesome find. How cool is that dude?

3/29/2006 1:49pm,
Anarchy for the Win!

3/29/2006 2:08pm,
I'd always heard Monson was a giant douchebag politically but that wasn't that bad at all.

3/29/2006 4:13pm,
now my favorite fighter!

3/29/2006 5:53pm,
I'd always heard Monson was a giant douchebag politically but that wasn't that bad at all.

Thats probably because most people have little to no exposure to radical ideas.

Good to let the man speak for himself, no?

3/29/2006 6:29pm,
Err... no it was because elsewhere he has espoused contradictory views on communism and democracy and apparently didn't understand the relationship between capitalism and anarchy.

At least based on the snippets of douchebaggery I saw.

3/29/2006 7:53pm,
how much is there?

3/29/2006 9:29pm,
how much is there?

What ever you conception of alot might be it must be increased so much as to be redefined to accomodate the answer.

3/29/2006 11:32pm,
That was a shitty interview. Every single one of those questions was posed so that he could give a "contraversial" answer.

How the interview would look like if Os were doing it.

Os: So mr. Monson, what exactly did you have for breakfast? hhhmmm how interesting..... any thoughts on nutrition for our readers?

hehehe I'm just messing with you.

Controversy sells. No wants to read a boring interview. People like to read about Bush though, like him or hate him.

I think the guy is way smarter than I expected, I like him now.

3/30/2006 1:57am,
the video of his fight linked at the bottom of the article isn't bad either

3/30/2006 1:42pm,
WTF? Sherdog has Monson listed as 6' while the UFC posted him as 5'8" in the Hinkel fight.

Teh El Macho
3/30/2006 3:38pm,
It's been a while that I've heard or read the opinions of an anarchist THAT actually puts some thought process behind them. I still don't believe in anarchism and his claim that the constitution is just a piece of paper is a bit off the wall.

However, it was quite pleasing to read the Q&A. The man seems quite intelligent and actually believes in his beliefs (as opposed to others who choose anarchism because it's the fashionable avant-gardesque LARPing thing to do.) Monson certainly is not one of those.

What I liked the most was this:
JM: What I have learned through traveling is that people really are products of their environment. Poverty, corruption and lack of freedom breeds discontent. The inequality between classes is the fuel for this discontent. The old saying goes \"'money is the root of all evil\"; but really it is class inequality which leaves most unable to self-actualize (reach their potential) which I believe is the basis for human misery.

That's a truth a lot of people forget to consider, and which is at the root of so many problems in this world, in particular the problem of illegal immigration nowadays. Overall, the interview was a really nice one to read for a change.

3/30/2006 4:26pm,
Yeah, I dug all that too. Cool to see a big burly bruiser using his head.

Damn he fucking owns Hinkle too.

3/30/2006 5:06pm,
Query: How would anarchy at all do away with class stucture?

Teh El Macho
3/30/2006 5:15pm,
I don't think anarchists exist. How can you be serious about eliminating class structures when all you do is talk? There is no way that you can convince a reasonable person to act against his own best interests. That being the case, the elite must be convinced through other means. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that revolutionaries of any sort do not currently exist in today's society. People say that they want various ways of life and preach their doctrines, but don't take the necessary steps to bring their dreams into reality. No matter how many people they convince of their correctness, they're still going to have to kill quite a few people to radically change the social system. Anarchists in this country don't have the balls to do that. They're gonna sit here and yell just like everyone else that we're descending into fascism, but offer no REAL solutions. Ok, lets say I buy the premise that everythings all fucked up. What to do? Go tell more people that everything is all fucked up. Then what? They go tell more people that everythings all fucked up. I figure, if you're serious, you're gonna cut right to the chase and tell people what you want them to DO. When a building is on fire, you don't sit there and tell motherfuckers that there's a fire, where the fire came from, the dangers of burning and smoke inhalation, etc, etc. You yell that there's a fire and then you RUN. You tell everyone else to RUN, not to read your Smokey the Bear pamphlet.

In short, this guy shouldn't impress you.You hit the nail right on the head with that one. The guy doesn't impress me at all, but he is certainly more articulate than most anarchists I've seen. That is, he tries to put some thought behind his believes in contrast to most other anarchists who never go beyond putting "the system sucks" stickers in their bumpers.

*** EDIT ***

Query: How would anarchy at all do away with class stucture?That's the major flaw of anarchism or any ideology that believes in a classless society. Humans evolved to be social animals and predators. Class and government structures are at the heart of being human.