View Full Version : Russian Software Developer Beats Pirate in Boxing Ring

3/24/2006 4:45pm,


An employee of Cognitive Technologies computer company has beaten a man who was selling the company’s software illegally.

Manager of the company’s software department, Andrei Smirnov, offered to fight the dealer in a fitness center. He defeated the computer pirate 24-16 in three rounds, lasting three minutes each. The dealer’s name was not revealed, News.Ru web edition on high technologies reported on Thursday.

In February, Smirnov saw the dealer selling CDs with his company’s software at a computer market without a license. Smirnov demanded that the dealer stop the illegal sale. A scuffle broke out, but they were stopped by the guard. After that, the pirate expressed a wish to continue the fight in the street, but Smirnov suggested a fitness center.

3/24/2006 5:48pm,
That certainly sends a message.

3/29/2006 11:34pm,
hahahaha his last name is Smirnov.

3/30/2006 11:49am,
I have mixed feelings about this headline.

4/03/2006 3:26pm,
Yeah, Jon. I actually thought the story referred to you specifically. And I'm not even being sarcastic. I really did.

4/03/2006 9:11pm,
Sure that russian guy wasn't actually a ninja posing as a software developer? And the software 'pirate' wasn't a real pirate?

4/03/2006 10:57pm,
This proves ninjas beat pirates.
But pirates eat rocks for breakfast and **** gunpowder.

4/04/2006 12:34pm,
Dude, everyone knows that pirates are way cooler than ninjas.