View Full Version : Soccer player fined for attack on referee

2/28/2006 7:06pm,
STRATFORD, Ont. A former soccer player has been fined $900 and placed on probation for one year for attacking a referee.
Frank Santini was sentenced yesterday in Stratford for assaulting match referee Rafael Lopez Moreno in a game on June 27, 2005.

Santini, 45, a black belt in karate, had earlier been found guilty after a trial featuring testimony from the referee and other players.

He was captain of the Harloff Construction team and played in the league for 30 years before being banned for life.

Court heard Santini became angered at an offside call.

He charged the referee, grabbed him by the wrist and punched the 50-year-old London resident in the face in what a judge described as an 뱔nprovoked and vicious attack.?

The judge also ordered Santini to seek anger-management counselling.