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2/24/2006 10:39pm,
After reviewing so many threads here on Bullshido, I have to ask myself how long ago this all started. There are so many instructors teaching stuff that just will not work, but how many of them are doing it intentionally? How many of these people are just passing along the same techniques that they were taught and actually believe in?

IMHO, the sad part is the majority probably just don’t know any better, having never tested their training on the street. I’m sure that there are some scam-artists in the mix, but I’m talking about the majority. When someone is acting ‘in good faith’, they are not actually out to con anyone. The obvious scammers like Frank Dux, Ashida Kim, George Dillman & Stephen K. Hayes, must know that the **** they made up is just to get in some pockets and have their fifteen minutes of fame.

How many generations back does this go? Who was the first person to say to themselves ‘people are so stupid, I can make some **** up and capitalize on this martial arts thing’?
I’ve actually known people who promoted themselves to higher ranks.

I know one guy that actually got a legitimate 4th Dan, then started promoting his students to 2nd and 3rd Dans. He convened a panel of black belts (ones that he had promoted) and asked them to consider promoting him. They all felt obligated, since he was their teacher; the next thing I know this guy is a 6th Dan.

Another guy was a 4th Dan for over 20 years, he goes on vacation and ‘claims’ he ran into his old Sensei. He told the Sensei how well he was doing in his teaching, and the Sensei promoted him to 6th Dan. This guy is actually a great technical fighter and has trained some excellent martial artists. Every time something like this happens, my bullshit detector starts beeping.

I look at some of these Christian-based organizations and have to think that these people are not scamming people intentionally. I’m sure that some are, but I’m referring to the majority. These guys are just doing this as a means to spread their message, a gimmick to attract attention to their cause. Maybe they are doing the wrong thing for the right reason.

Bottom line: All martial artists ultimately pay the price; it takes away credibility from legitimate instructors. It puts people in physical danger, because they believe what they were taught will actually protect them. Most importantly, it makes us all more suspicious of schools, just because of their affiliations. This could apply to ‘traditional’ arts, MMA, hybrids, etc.

2/25/2006 12:17am,
As long as there are suckers there's going to be con men to exploit them...