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2/24/2006 7:13am,
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Martial Arts History Museum in Talks for Potential Location
NAMC Newswire, 22nd February 2006

It was announced today that the Martial Arts History Museum is currently in negotiations with the Little Tokyo Recreation Center with the possibility of housing the world’s first martial arts history museum within its doors.

The Little Tokyo Recreation Center, which will be built in Little Tokyo next the historic St. Vibiana Cathedral on Los Angeles St. and 2nd street, has plans to build a cultural complex facility which will includes basketball courts, a senior center, multi-purpose space and more.

Recently, there were plans to house the Children’s Museum; however, the Children’s Museum has decided to break ground on a new, $40 million facility in the Hansen Dam Recreation area in the northeast San Fernando Valley. This of course, now opens the doors for the Martial Arts History Museum.

The Little Tokyo Recreation Center is designed to serve the community including hosting martial arts tournaments, seminars and workshops. In addition, the Rec Center will be a vital asset to the community by stimulating the Little Tokyo area.

“I think the Little Tokyo Recreation Center is a fantastic idea. Bill Watanabe, who is heading up the Rec Center is doing a wonderful job by creating this facility and attracting the youth back into the Little Tokyo area,” notes Martial Arts History Museum president Michael Matsuda. “I think the Museum and the Rec Center are both looking towards the same goals and I think it’s a very nice fit for both of us.”

The Martial Arts History Museum, which was founded in 1999, is a non-profit organization designed to honor the contributions of the Asian community. The museum plans to highlight Asian art, culture, tradition and most of all, a historic look at each country’s martial arts forms.

“Our goal has always been to be located in the Los Angeles area. In 1999, we became the first martial arts museum in the world, in 2004 we became a traveling exhibit, it is our hope in the near future we will have a permanent home for the museum. The Martial Arts History Museum will serve to not only honor the Asian American community, but be a place of education which will enrich our children’s lives through understanding other cultures and traditions. With over 30,000 martial arts schools nationwide and millions of people who enjoy the martial arts, I strongly believe this will be one of the largest tourist attractions for the city of Los Angeles,” says Matsuda.

Information about the Martial Arts History Museum can be found on its website at www.MartialArtsHistoryMuseum.com.

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Has anyone heard of this 'Martial Arts History Museum' before? The name appears to be slightly misleading, as its stated aim is
to provide an understanding of Asian culture and tradition and its effect on American history and society throughthe martial arts. This includes the art of the martial arts, the music of the martial arts and more although another description on the NAMC website (http://www.namcnewswire.com/companyprofiles/martialartsmuseum.html) qualifies that with
The history of the martial arts, however, is not limited to the Asian culture, but it spans over numerous countries from the Vikings to the Romans to the Indians, the martial arts has continued to spread across the world. The Martial Arts History Museum is a dedication to those arts and how they were founded and how the spread through the globe.

It was apparently founded initially as a Martial Arts Hall of Fame (http://www.martialartsmuseum.com/magazine/magazineindex.htm), which has an interesting mixture of inductees - Bruce Lee, Helio Gracie, Gene LeBell, Paulie Zink, Billy Blanks, Stephen Seagal etc, not to mention the current president, Michael Matsuda. That strange mixture continues in their affiliates (http://www.martialartsmuseum.com/Memberships/membership.htm) - if you sign up as a member, you get discounts on sites like Dan Severn's The Beast.com, as well as sites like George Dillman's.

Which leaves me uncertain as to whether this is a mainly positive or negative development.

bad credit
2/24/2006 2:47pm,
The Bruce Lee wing is gonna be huge.

Toby Christensen
2/24/2006 7:26pm,
I hope it isn't a bastion of Orientophilia.