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5/02/2003 3:58pm,


INTRODUCTION: From LEO to Hollywood producers, from martial arts instructors to complete novices, from professional stunt men to psychiatrists and psychologists as well as men, women and children worldwide, all can and have benefited from Senshido's programs. Whether you're a martial arts instructor, LEO, counselor for battered women, childcare worker or simply someone interested in teaching our programs and enhancing survivability of your students or society by adding any of our programs to your repertoire, then the S.P.A. program is for you.

S.P.A. is designed to enhance an already existing curriculum by adding our research and development. For those of you who own a school or teach at one, you can now use our materials to create a new class or add to your curriculum.

For those who want to start teaching self-defense either privately or through a seminar circuit, Richard Dimitri is recognized as one of the pioneers and top reality based systems in the world. We get hundreds of emails per month from all over the world by people asking if there is anyone in their area who teaches our programs. Here is your opportunity to become part of our team through Senshido's Professional Alliance and start teaching quality self defense based on our research and experience.

Please note that only serious applicants willing to show a level of commitment are considered for affiliation.
CONDITIONS: Instructor affiliation to Senshido's Combative Science Technologies (CST) can only be attained via Richard Dimitri. Affiliation to CST through SPA is restricted to the following rules:

A S.P.A. member cannot open a Senshido school.

A S.P.A. member cannot use the Senshido name or any other trademarked name under the Senshido umbrella to promote literature, clothing, audio/visuals, or any other type of product.

A S.P.A. member cannot certify anyone under S.P.A. or any other Senshido programs or under the Senshido name in any way, shape or form.

Following is some basic information about the S.P.A. program:


Any already certified martial artists whom owns a school or runs a national or international seminar circuit.

Any LEO, DT Trainer, Military Operative or Certified Combative trainer

Any counselor, childcare worker or individual involved in any kind of academic profession including athletics.

Any individual wishing to teach self-defense either through private instruction or a seminar circuit.


Send us your CV, brief bio and credentials in your field.

After revision, we will contact you and let you know if you have been chosen to become a participant for our Affiliation Program. If you have, you can purchase the Affiliation Start Up Kit described below to begin. Study the material well and prepare for the 3-day S.P.A. Training Program held once/twice a year (depending on demand) in Montreal beginning October 2003.

*Note - a minimum of 4 months of training with the start up kit is required. If your purchase of the kit any later than 4 months prior a 3-day S.P.A. weekend, you will have to wait for the next available date to participate for the S.P.A. Training Session.

The 3-day S.P.A. Training program consists of lectures, intensive training, drills, testing, teaching, evaluations and more. The S.P.A. Trainee will be evaluated in 3 separate categories: Physical attributes, assimilation and comprehension, teaching and transmitting ability. If the trainee passes all 3 S.P.A. categories, he/she will be certified as a S.P.A. Affiliate.

Is Affiliation through S.P.A. a guarantee? No, there is no guarantee, in the end; it is up to you, your performance and your ability to transmit the information clearly and concisely. If one of the 3 categories is not passed, then you will not get an Affiliation through S.P.A. You will be able to reschedule at a later time and date to re-test at your discretion. Note that payment made is non refundable and is for the course in itself and not particularly for the certification.

Affiliation start up kit includes:

The Tactical Urban Combat box set volume 1

Tool & Target Development

The Get R.E.A.L. box set

Senshido's In Total Defense of the Self (Book).

Special Affiliation Applicant's cost: Only $249 regular Shipping included.

3-day S.P.A. Training Program cost: ($850 US) - ($1200 CDN) All taxes included.