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5/01/2003 9:43am,
What is the best defense/attack against the shoot?

5/01/2003 10:01am,
never mind I answered my own question.. Or is there something better that below?


This is another favorite of mine against one of the most common Brazilian Jiujitsu tactics the "Shoot" and a common technique used on the Street, Double leg takedown or "Football tackle". I have used this technique numerous times. As your opponent "Shoots" for your legs, you SPRAWL which using his momentum throw your legs back at the same time you bring his head down and then execute a Front Headlock into a GUILLOTINE CHOKE. (Pressure applied using Forearm upward while keeping opponents head down with his head under your right armpit, your forearm is under his throat on the windpipe your left hand clinched to your right wrist while still on ground, not upright)....(note: in a Streetfight or some Vale Tudo matches you may end the fight with multiple knee strikes at this time.) You then spin clockwise to your opponents back, hooking your heels over his legs at the same time executing a REAR NAKED CHOKE.

5/01/2003 10:21am,
a knee in the face, and a kilap(wicked ass palm strike) to back of neck.

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5/01/2003 10:22am,
Ok that CAN work, but anyone who is any good shoots with their shoulder clenched to their cheek thus removing the guillotine option. Likewise, anyone who is any good has a couple counters to a good sprawl. I wish I had a video camera because exlpaining them is tough, so I'll skip it. Taking the back from the top of the sprawl is possible, but again once you shift your weight, a good opponent is going to get out of it.

So good things to do from the sprawl: Silva likes to sprawl and throw some knees to the head. He usually abandons the wrestling at that point and the opponent is a bit woozy.
You can also just push down on their shoulders really hard while stepping back. This breaks the contact leaving you on your feet, and sometimes may leave them on the ground.

If you really want to take the guy's back then once you sprawl through all your weight on him and force both of you to your knees. Once his knees are on the ground (basically in a turtle) his escape options are limited so its easier to work around to his back and sink in a hook.

The best advice I can give you though is to get a friend and spend a few hours a week on shoots and shoot defenses. Experiment. see what works for you.

I teach three great counters to a top sprawl, but I only use one because I think its soooooo easy and effective. I teach the others because, most people seem to think that my favorite one is really hard, and prefer a technique that I think is harder. Basically every one is different and fights diffferent. See what works for you and drill it mercilessly

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alrighty then. off topic: why are my points not adding up? I'm very curious and angling to become a heavyweight.

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Posts make you a heavyweight, not points.

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i like to try for a guilotine to get control, and then elbow there spine and back.

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There really isn't much of a point in getting a high post rating.

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Or I do some type of "pummeling" and spin the guy around so I can stomp his face.

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What are points for exactly, post also, or does it include new topics and articles. And what's gold?

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Just throw rock at it and it will go away.

maybe he is afraid we will all realise he is an angry 4 foot midget
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