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Wounded Ronin
2/09/2006 10:34pm,
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I've come up with a few electric guitar based physad powers for use with SR3. Because I don't have the SR4 rulebooks. These powers require that the physad have an electric guitar, a battery to power it, and a large speaker on him to produce the sounds. Of course, the guitar and accessories must work and be capable of producing complex music. The GM must be sure to punish the physad with lots of encumberance and make him fall down with a clatter as much as possible.

Riff of the 80s (2)

The physad spends the entire combat turn sacrificing all actions and instead riffing a riff about elves with pistols and leather jackets and mullets, Japanese maidens in pressed corporate suits with tantos, and Dolph Lundgren and Chuck Norris astride jet black (Wyld) Stallions leading a horde of Midwestern auto workers. At the end of the turn he rolls his electric guitar musical skill against a TN of 11 or a TN of 10 if he bought the highest quality guitar from the SR1 equipment lists. Keep track of the successes. Each time the physad succeeds at getting 2 successes during a single combat he is involved in (successes don't carry over from one combat to another) he gets a bonus karma point for being totally sweet. Thus if he gets 4 successes in one combat, he gains 2 karma points. This is designed to make the physad do nothing useful during combat to try and grub for karma and undermine the rest of the party by broadcasting their location to the amusement of the GM. It also encourages the physad to undermine himself by wasting precious power points on Improved Ability: Electric Guitar. The best part is that even though the player knows this because he read it right here he still wants to take it for the possibility of more karma. Note that this power is especially sweet for melee-specalized ninjas because in long-range situations where they aren't useful they can spend the entire combat riffing on their guitar and flipping out.

Song of the Support Weapon (2 points per weapon category; LMG, MMG, and HMG.)

While reading this power description, I recommend that you have Cyndi Lauper's "Shebop" playing in the background. This is because a M60 MMG is very much like female sexual response, which is a long plateau compared to spikey male sexual response. Just change the barrel every thousand rounds (because you'll need more than one male) and keep rubbing the trigger.

Hyzmarca, in his infinite military wisdom, has oft stated that the sublime celestial glory of operating a LMG to 80s pop would be sufficient to propel the questing pilgrim to enlightenment. The physad with this power is steeped in the wisdom of the 80s and small arms and, like a Bodhisattva, has the power to convey this enlightenment upon his teammates, at least while his soul-elevating music reaches out to touch the heart and cast light upon the nuggets left over from eating KFC back in the 80s contained therein.

The physad forefits all his actions in a given combat turn, electing instead to spend that combat turn playing his guitar. All teammates who can hear him and who are operating the appropriate category of weapon (LMG, MMG, or HMG, depending on which power(s) the physad purchased) gets the following bonus:

1.) He or she is treated as though equipped with a cyberwear smartlink and a smartlinked machine gun for the purpose of hitting the enemy and gun operation (changing fire modes, etc.), but not for the purpose of essence or magic reduction.

2.) The rounds flying out of the machine gun shine with the glowing spirit of the 80s; threat the rounds as having +2 Power, and also apply a -1 TN tracer fire bonus for every 3rd round discharged, which stacks with the above smartlink bonus because of the nature of the magic of the 80s.

Song of the Launch Weapon (2 points per weapon category; grenade launcher, mortar, and rocket launcher)

The theme song for this power is Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", since white phosphorous is symbolic of a clingy and self-centered girlfriend.

This power works in exactly the same way as "Song of the Support Weapon", but the bonuses are as follows:

1.) Treat the weapon user as though equipped with a cyberwear smartlink and a smartlinked, rangefinder-equipped support weapon for the purpose of hitting the enemy and weapon operation, but not for the purpose of essence or magic reduction.

2.) Calculate the damage caused by the weapons as normal. However, in addition, treat any targets who are successfully hit by the weapon (either by direct hit or by the blast) as though they were covered by white phosphorous, as per a direct hit by a white phosphorous grenade. This is the sizzling magic of the 80s clinging to them and burning with the fury of a thousand cans of hairspray. It is recommended that the GM play "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" in the background while he or she describes the willie pete'd victims running around screaming.

2/09/2006 10:56pm,
I don't know whether to hate you, cry, or praise you. Probably all three.

Mr. Jones
2/10/2006 2:45am,
At first I thought this was false advertisement. But then I realized they made the video game shadow run into a card game.

bad credit
2/10/2006 2:48am,
Actually, check out State of the Art 2063... uh, maybe the 2064 one, they have powers for more "artist" based physical adepts. I got it around here somewhere, don't know where currently. My group is making characters for 4th ed. now.

2/10/2006 12:55pm,
I'm working on a contract for SR4. The continuity issues are extremely annoying, given that the game has been around since '88.

bad credit
2/10/2006 10:18pm,
Contract? As in writing material? Can you talk about it? It's a dream of mine to break into writing for th rpg field one day.

2/10/2006 11:14pm,
Contract? As in writing material? Can you talk about it? It's a dream of mine to break into writing for th rpg field one day.

Why? Do you enjoy starving? Or do you have a sugar daddy?

In the games industry, this is a common joke:

Q: What's the difference between a large pizza and an rpg writer?

A: A large pizza can feed a family!

In any event, it's standard to sign a non-disclosure agreement about this sort of thing, so I can't say anything specific about that contract. If you can take editorial direction and write a minimum of 2,000 words per day, though, your chances are good. And while you don't need to be great at math, you should be able to avoid very dumb mistakes.

Generally, people break in by participating on internet fora and publishing fan material to the point where staff notice that they're doing good stuff on their own, backed up by regular submissions. This means you have to sign a release form so that staff can look at your work.

Otherwise, you can get involved in independent game publishing through .pdf and POD outlets. If your game is actually interesting, instead of the zillionth retread of another game, you'll get noticed.

O(therwise, I advise people to never do anything for a publisher for free, or without a contract. There are lots of small companies that prey on fan enthusiasm by asking for work for product or nothing at all, with the idea that you're getting your name out there. In reality, anybody asking for freebies is never going to get noticed by anybody who matters.

2/10/2006 11:57pm,
I'm working on a contract for SR4. The continuity issues are extremely annoying, given that the game has been around since '88.

Heh, so you are that Eyebeams.