View Full Version : i just purchased some air force 1's

4/29/2003 3:17pm,
damn these are nice shoes, they have the best ankle support i have ever seen, they are very light and i look forward to training in them. you should all go out and buy a pair.

4/29/2003 3:36pm,
You train with shoes on?

What is this, a commercial?

Your next money making scheme I bet

Now doesn't that make you feel better?

Fighty McGee
4/29/2003 3:55pm,
Damn, jkd fighter. Urr Furce Wuns? And you want an Escalade. How about you save your money for school?

Get some damn Chuck Taylors. You don't impress anyone. This isn't MTV or BET.

4/29/2003 4:18pm,
**** you, you have never even seen me, i just want to say this

I DON'T get BET, i DON'T own any chains, i have NO rings, i HATE jay-z, i have an identity.

i just bought them because they were comftrabole and they would be good to train in, asholes.

4/29/2003 4:24pm,
Oh! You think you can just go down to the store, buy some shoes, and not catch a bunch of **** over it? What kind of a fantasy world are you living in???

You can't make a man by standing a sheep on its hindlegs but if you get a group of men together you can create a herd of sheep.

Fighty McGee
4/29/2003 4:24pm,
Yeah, RIGHT. Are you training in basketball? AF1s are too expensive to "train in." I think it's great that you appreciate hip hop culture, but you should really invest in yourself instead of your IMAGE, because you are getting laughed at.

4/29/2003 4:36pm,

these Canadians are crazy!!!
wait a minute...

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

4/29/2003 4:53pm,
I train in generic white tennis shoes. They work fine for me.


4/29/2003 5:16pm,
You bought a whole plane just to train in.

I can train at the park for free.

4/29/2003 11:08pm,
Thank you Osiris.

Some foolish white Canadians need a good smack in the head!!!

"An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind"

The Wastrel
4/29/2003 11:10pm,
I train in bare feets I is so po'.

"I'm devastating, looking for some refreshment!"

Courtesy of flubtitles.com

4/30/2003 12:16pm,
Yo' so po', you can't even afford the last two letters!?

Osiris: Hey hey hey, some of us Canadian Whiteboys aren't all about wanting to be black! Some of us want to be asian too! *snicker*

Yeah right!


"Happiness is finding yourself in the adoring gaze of one who loves you.
I hope to once again know that feeling."

4/30/2003 12:39pm,
lol, but Crimson? don't all Asians have SARS?

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

KC Elbows
4/30/2003 2:12pm,
I've never seen someone get flamed for their footwear. That was pretty impressive.

4/30/2003 2:18pm,
lmfao! not to mention that he made a stupid thread about it

good post WTdude,

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.