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Truculent Sheep
2/05/2006 2:30pm,
Today the Observer had an interview with Amir Khan, the British Olympic boxing silver medalist and, possibly, future world champion. Apart from outlining the benefits of Boxing as a sport (fitness, self-discipline, a good outlet for hyperactive kids etc.) it also makes some interesting points about religion, ethnicity and identity.


...What I liked most was the physical exercise and the hard work of training. The adrenaline rush, fighting and being in the ring. You want to be better than the opposition. I always wanted to be the best at everything I was doing. That gave me a push as well...

...At the Olympics, I was the only British boxer and I was holding the flag, representing boxing and the whole country. People can never say to me that I'm not British. I was born here, I went to school here, I've got British friends...

...If you can use boxing to take 50 or 60 kids off the street corners and keep them out of trouble - well, that's a force for good. For those couple of hours in the gym they can't vandalise, mess about and get into trouble with the police.

2/09/2006 5:43pm,
What's the discussion?

Truculent Sheep
2/10/2006 11:14am,
It's an open question - read the article then tell everyone what you think. (If you want...)

2/12/2006 9:04am,
I love this guy.

Link (http://www.manchesteronline.co.uk/men/news/s/202/202615_boxers_recipe_for_his_success_in_ring.html)

The 19-year-old Olympic silver medallist, who is rising quickly up the lightweight ranks after turning professional, admits he eats "at least one or two" takeaways every day.

Bolton-based Amir, who beat Belarussian Vitali Martynov in 75 seconds in his fifth professional bout on Saturday, said: "I love takeaways.

"I have at least one or two every day.

"Burgers, chips, curries, doner kebabs - all sorts.

"It's fatty food, but I burn it off. In fact I can't train without it. If I don't eat takeaways for a few days I feel weak and tired. I don't feel myself."

Amir believes his diet is helping him become a better boxer and says he ditched a salad and pasta diet at the Olympics because it "did not work".

His family run Moods Fast Food restaurant in Bradshawgate, Bolton, which is, not surprisingly, his favourite.

Amir said: "Once I did those food diaries, where you write down what you eat in a week.

"The nutritionist said I should change everything about my diet, that it would make me a better boxer. But I don't believe it. What I eat now is what makes me a better boxer."