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4/26/2003 8:20pm,
There is talk of a fight club amongst my friends all untrained. Most of them are smaller geekier kids not jocks good idea or no? Pretty sure i can take most of them couple of them are pretty big and are athletic but they are the minority. Is this a stupid teenage idea or would it be a valuable experience.

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4/26/2003 8:52pm,
Sounds like a bad idea to me. . .a real bad one.

If you can easily take all or most of them, then whats the point of doing it? Think they'll agree to continue after getting their @#$$es handed to them?

Not to be trite, but its all fun and games until someone loses an eye. (Or starts throwing lawsuits).

If you want to fight with your chums, invite them to join your dojo. That way you can whack on each other in contolled circumstances, with some professional guidance as well.

That's my opinion, anyway

4/26/2003 9:13pm,
I agree ... and disagree. I think you should get them to go to your dojo and spar there (does your instrcutor give private lessons? You could all have a semi-private group lesson.) Spar a bit in controlled conditions, with padding and begin to understand how much getting hit hurts.

But if after that ... hmmm, see, I agree with the phrase from the move: "How do you know anything about yourself if you've never been in a fight?" But I can't recommend a punch of unskilled teenagers wailing away on each other.

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Hiji kime
4/26/2003 10:33pm,
Immensely stupid idea.

I don't see the point of getting together and punching each other out. Sounds like something Neanderthals use to do.

Only untrained people with more testosterone than common sense would even think of something like that. That stupid "fight club" movie put that dumbass idea into a lot of people's heads that you'll get to know yourself by having someone else beat the crap out of you. Total bullshit.

Das Moose
4/27/2003 8:39am,
There are a few good reasons why you shouldn't do this....

I'm thinking of a similar idea, but with some important differences.

1 - everyone is a martial artist. This means everyone is ready to fight, will be a challenge, and most importantly have sparred before and have the necessary control not to lose their temper and do something stupid.

2 - Protective equipment. We are admittedly going to use a minimum but it's an important minimum - vale tudo gloves, for a compromise between realism and protection, and gum shields (those are REALLY important) as well as groin guards and some form of MA uniform, and no shoes.

3 - Rules. While we're using a minimum, for more realism, they are quite important rules - check the thread Amateur Vale Tudo Rules for more info (ignore omega calling me a ***** for not wanting to implment face shots right away ;-)

4 - I'm going to make it painfully clear to everyone that we are not fighting, we are sparring. There's an important difference in the mindset. I'm also going to point out that we're all here to enjoy ourselves and test our skills - not to hurt each other.

Like JKDchick said - it sounds like the best approach for you is just to go to your dojo and spar. I happen to have a lot of friends who study various different MAs.

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4/27/2003 9:00am,
The better your training partners are, the better you will become. Sparring with a bunch of untrained guys does not seem like a great idea.

Personally, if I was training with a bunch of guys and I was kicking all of their asses, I would wonder "Why am I training here?" Same deal goes for you. Otherwise, your proposed fight club is a mindless exercise in narcissism

4/27/2003 9:11am,
OMG Karatefighter, you will aggravate me to no end....

Did you see my thread about the Toronto Fight Club?
We'll get together I promise you that...

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4/27/2003 9:50am,
Remember someone could get hurt bad by accident and then you are all in deep **** on a whole bunch of different levels not the least of them being having to live with possibly crippling a friend. Stay very far away **** like this. It allways seems like a good idea at the time

Das Moose
4/27/2003 11:29am,
I gotta call bullshit on this. If you go by proper rules and wear proper protective gear, the chances of serious injuries occuring are so minimal it's just not going to happen.

However, the chances are a LOT higher if it's with untrained people and with no protective gear and no rules. That's just stupid.

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4/27/2003 11:47am,
I agree with the no-rules thing, but you should make sure to include a variety of blunt and edged weapons. Using the same weapons every day leads to boredom and stagnation.

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4/27/2003 12:53pm,
anyways, let me know if you do participate in this....

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Fisting Kittens
4/27/2003 2:22pm,
Fight clubs ARE good ideas. And guess what guys, fighting untrained people is a good idea too. There is this bullshit assumption in the martial arts that only the arts can teach you how to fight. There are lots of very dangerous people out there who have never been inside a dojo. If you only ever spar trained people you only get used to certain scenarios. It will be valuable experience no matter what. Even if you win all your fights I bet you'll be surprised by the way you win them. Give it a shot. You MUST wear mouthpieces, and you SHOULD wear NHB gloves, and there should be some rules (obviously). But I think it will be good for you.

4/27/2003 2:35pm,
I think a fight club with UFC rules, gloves, and mouthpieces is pretty safe. I would hope you guys did it on grass or ideally some mats. I think one of the most important rules "no move that spikes the oppenents head on the ground" should be made clear. I saw a documentary on fight clubs that had one guy side suplex his friend on a sidewalk crippling him from the neck down. I would warn your friends not to do any WWE-esque moves: power bombs, german suplexes, piledrives ect.

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4/27/2003 2:37pm,
>There is this bullshit assumption in the martial arts that only the arts can teach you how to fight.

I think this assumption is made because so many thing MA is ONLY found in a DOJO/DOJANG/SALLE/KWOON or whatever. Tell them that MA is also found on a firing range and they get all pissy.

I don't mind the idea of a FIGHT CLUB (hell I started a few of them) but you go to keep things safe, ESPECIALLY if there are pple under the age of 18. If you are all adults then you pay for your own mistakes.

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4/27/2003 3:32pm,
No, only people with some form of MA training can fight! Without this they would just fall over and their heads would explode.

4/27/2003 3:40pm,
lol! shut up! ahahaha!

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