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4/23/2003 4:57pm,
Serious question. In class last week we were doing Kali stick drills, long range "smash and attack" to medium range siniwali drills. Well, each person was supposed to pick a good moment to come out of long range into the siniwali drill, first pattern (all high). Hold the pattern till the other guys flows into themselves, do a few reps, then break out.

*Siniwali is a drill with eight patterns to teach and perfect the chambered motion with double sticks. Doing it right with a partner keeps you focussed and tight with your strikes.*

Well, I'm working with this girl, nice girl, very intense but not very skilled (been in the gym a few months) and I go from long range into the pattern. SHE NEVERS GETS INTO IT. NEVER. NOT EVEN CLOSE. She kinda flails away in a half-mimic of what she should be doing for a while, then tries to break out. We'd been drilling the exact pattern in class inutes before and she was fine, no problem. Now, she'sissed at me for not breaking out. I very quietly, very tactlessly, said: "You were never in the pattern. That's why I didn't break out." So, now she's really pissed. Now she's trying to actually hurt me with the long range drill, and getting more pissed that I'm just blocking everything she throws.

I told her afterwards: "I presume you would want me to treat you as any other sparring partner, right?".

So ... was I wrong? Should I have just gone with her not doing the right thing, ignored it?

As an aside, I have been expressly requested by Sifu to not instruct other people during class. I get too impatient.

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Das Moose
4/23/2003 5:03pm,
You should have told her she wasn't doing the right thing, but not told her what to do.... i have the same problem about instructing people so what I usually do is tell them they're wrong but tell them to ask sifu to correct them. If they keep doing the wrong thing, that's their problem, I won't let htem do something that hurts me but I won't stop them from screwing up. Then when it's my turn, I do it right.

Sometimes I do them a favour if they won't ask sifu by getting sifu to come over and asking him to show *me* again what to do... a lot of newbies are uncomfortable asking for help.

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4/23/2003 5:20pm,
There are ways help someone with out putting them on the defensive. I try to give two postive comments before I give one negative one. In this case I would have probably broken out after some time, and said something like "That was pretty good, you're pretty intense, if might help if you (insert pointer here).

I also refrain from doing anything that might humiliate or injure anyone all at costs especially if have a higher skill level. I don't even had a problem of leaving a opening once in a while and letting them get a shot on me. If they feel better because they were able to score on an advanced student, great. Some one has to have a really bad attitude for me to get riled up enough to give them the full "juice".

I love Das Moose's suggestion of asking the instructor to come over and see if you are doing it right. That is much better than yelling, "Sifu! So-and-so isn't doing it right! Come over here and fix her!"

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4/23/2003 5:22pm,
LOL I would;ve loved ot have seen a vid of that <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

you should just probably ignore her.....


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Das Moose
4/23/2003 5:24pm,
Lol, yeah. It's a good compromise between telling someone what to do and just letting them continue to screw up... I'm probably good enough to tell someone who's only had a month or two's training (i've had just over a year) what to do... but the classes are usually so small that it's much better for sifu to correct them - for one thing I might not be doing the technique right myself.

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Das Moose
4/23/2003 5:26pm,
Taht's another cristiscm of the WJJF i have (see 'World Ju Jitsu Federation') - the classes are MASSIVE, i remember when i was there classes were often over 30 people. At Chum Sut the biggest classes i've ever seen have about 12 people - this monday there were only five students there including myself. It's great.

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4/23/2003 7:00pm,
JKDC, If you have to work with her regularly, it might be worth the time investment to train with her a little bit outside of class. I've been amazed at how much learning can go on when you remove the 'audience' and prove you have no chip. Upside: you get a much better workout with her in class, and quite possibly a good friend outside of class.

4/23/2003 7:05pm,
Hmmm ... that's what I do with the other girl (from the 7 or so who work out regularly -- different from the one in my story) whom I judge has the same level of commitment to this that I do. Since we both want to compete, we need training partners who don't pull punches and can actually challenge us.

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Principal Scudworth: "Unacceptable? Did you see the pool? They FLIPPED the bitch!"
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4/23/2003 7:09pm,
Give it a rest, BJ

4/23/2003 7:16pm,
He's resting in the graveyard of the deleted, now.

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Principal Scudworth: "Unacceptable? Did you see the pool? They FLIPPED the bitch!"
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Omega Supreme
4/23/2003 7:22pm,
I would kill my partner. Hmm, I always wondered why nobody likes practicing with me.

Go away I'm talking to myself

deus ex machina
4/23/2003 7:44pm,
Bitch slap that hoe.


4/24/2003 2:08am,
I don't think you should have ignored it, and it can be a hard thing to tell someone they're doing something wrong without ticking them off. Das Moose's suggestion was a very good one.

If thats not possible because the instructor is busy, then I tend to try to approach the situation in a slightly apologetic manner. You're correct, therefore there is no need to argue over it, just a simple statement said humbly like "I don't think we're doing this exactly right, I think I need to do this(insert minor correction) and I think you're supposed to be doing this a little more" might cause a change. Generally people don't mind as much when you put both of you at the same level and make a suggestion for both of your movements.

For me, I have a harder time convincing people that they are messing up without using this method(I think most people look at me and see a little red-headed stepchild). The only other viable option for me is to prove that what they are doing is wrong(i.e. let them try full force the wrong way and watch it be countered). I tend not to like this approach as it seems to hurt egos enough to keep them from attending class again.

As for your topic header question, I try to go light on partners and avoid ticking them off if I can. I try to to build up their confidence if they look like they need it. If they were overconfident then the instructor would normally give me the signal to lower it, but otherwise I would be nice(technically) on them and treat them with respect.


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4/24/2003 12:06pm,
JKDChick, I think the biggest problem you are having is the fact that you don't understand women. If you could try to get a woman's perspective on things it might help you out alot in situations like this.

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4/24/2003 12:13pm,
WTD, whatcha mean? seriously, interested in your take on how you think it differs?

4/24/2003 12:30pm,
"So ... was I wrong? Should I have just gone with her not doing the right thing, ignored it?

As an aside, I have been expressly requested by Sifu to not instruct other people during class. I get too impatient."
call your teacher over to try to help.....you ain't being paid to teach (looks who's talking PizDoff....)

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