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4/17/2003 4:43pm,
So Phrost came over last weekend. He didn't bother calling first or anything, because he said he doesn't like to make a pest outta himself by making my phone ring. He's a good guy like that. Anyhoo, so about 2:30 AM Saturday night he wakes me and the wife up by doing donuts in front of my apartment building. So after settling down he decides to crash on the couch for the evening. Well actually he passed out in the entrance way but after alot of struggling my wife finally carried him to the couch. I would've helped but I've got the bad back thing going, you know, and if anyone would've seen me helping the gov. would take away my monthly disability check.

So at the crack of noon the next day he sends me out to get smokes and bacon for his breakfast. Well what comes next might seem strange (it did to me to begin with, hehehe) but here's where he shows his true heroic nature. He's got her bent over the coffee table and is tossing her salad. She's screaming, I'm screaming, and he's gagging. I yell out "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" The wife has this look of shock on her face but Phrost calmly says, "Grego I think after close observation that your wife may have that new SARS anal virus. Please step back outside and I will finish my exam." Well 15 seconds later my wife comes to the door and tells me that Phrost is thru with his exam and asks me where the carpet cleaner is. Later on after his nap he tells me that she is ok but she may need another exam next weekend.

I'm really glad to have a pal like him.

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4/18/2003 12:17am,
What a coincidence! I came home from work the other day and Phrost was giving my wife mouth to mouth resucitation. I was a little shocked at first because she was completely naked, but he explained that all clothing has to be removed because it can restrict proper breathing. Apparently they had been hanging out, waiting for me to get home and she started choking on a banana. I just thank God that this guy always seems to be around when he's needed!

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4/18/2003 8:41am,
Do you guys have a little Phrost doll you stroke at home?

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4/18/2003 9:12am,
Hmm... Phrost dolls..

Naa, nobody's even buying the t-shirts.

The Wastrel
4/18/2003 10:53am,

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I Give BJJs
4/18/2003 1:32pm,
got any Bullshido rubbers?

I like to fill them up with water and use them as bombs, b/c we all kow fags always have unprotected sex with anything they can get their hands on.

4/18/2003 1:40pm,
LMFAO......that's one of your best in awhile greg.....I'm dying, SARS anal virus exam......

4/18/2003 9:35pm,
Maxie you kick major ass dude. Seriously I want you to wear my letterman jacket.

You like apples? How you like them apples, bitch?

gong sau
4/18/2003 11:19pm,
Ok, so I finally bought a t-shirt. I don't know why I've been putting it off; I guess it was mostly 'cause I hadn't taken a look at the new designs you have. The old McDojo logo wasn't really my style, and if bought it would've sat in a drawer. I still should've bought one to help out, "do my part" as it were.

Anyway, before I ramble on too much more, I now have three points to make as a result of my purchase:

1. Although I gladly bought a shirt, and am consideriing more puchases, I feel I must note that it was a pretty expensive shirt for a Canuck, and I'd imagine most other non-Americans. I'm curious, Phrost, how much are you getting of my $48(CAD)? I'm not bitching, just pointing out one possible cause for the low sales. You said yourself most of the traffic is European and Australian.

2. Now that I've bought a shirt, I suddenly feel empowered enough to begin making demands, beginning with the following: I want a Phrost doll!! (j/k - but not about the doll) :)

3. Like The Wastrel said, "BUY T-SHIRTS GODDAMMIT."

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4/18/2003 11:57pm,
Gong sau, you won't bitch as much after Phrost saves your wife/girlfriend's life!

You can't make a man by standing a sheep on its hindlegs but if you get a group of men together you can create a herd of sheep.

Sam Browning
4/19/2003 12:36am,
Hey, I went to the store but no Mcdojo Tee-shirts! Have they been pulled? I would happily buy three with that symbol.

gong sau
4/19/2003 9:03am,
LoL. Like I said, I'm not bitching. If it bothered me I wouldn't have bought the shirt. It may, however, be one of the reasons others aren't buying which is why I mentioned it. I really am curious how much Phrost gets from the sale, because it might just be more worth it for me to send the site a donation instead.

As for the McDojo t's, yes, they have been pulled. McDojo has gone the way of the McDodo.

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4/19/2003 9:58am,
Phrost deserves whatever he gets. Hell I'll send that bitchboy $100 just because he rocks.

You like apples? How you like them apples, bitch?

4/19/2003 11:25am,
Well my current distributor does the T-shirts on an "on demand" basis, meaning when you order it, it's made. I haven't been able to find a better distributor that handles it this way as of yet.

Right now I've got prices set as low as possible to allow you guys to buy the t-shirts mainly to help get the word out on the site. Needless to say, only a few bucks are coming my way for each shirt.

I didn't actually think anyone would be willing to donate to the site as much as they would want to buy gear and such. So I'm going to start working right now to turn this site into part of a non-profit corporation in order to actually accept donations without having to pay tax on them.

You have brought up a good point about buying the shirt vs directly donating. I'm going to reevaluate the whole shirt thing and probably get a local screen printing company to do them for me, and just sell them directly. That way, if I'm offering them at a few bucks over to go to the site, at least they're only selling for a few bucks themselves.

Apparently I'm a much better website adminsitrator than I am a businessman. Regardless, you guys have no idea how much I appreciate your support of this site. I really want this place to be a resource for the martial arts community, and those interested in it, and you guys are all helping make that possible.

gong sau
4/19/2003 12:09pm,
That's great and all, but what about those Phrost dolls? ;)

Seriously though, that's way cool. Keep us updated. I fully support your vision for this site (even though I don't post as much as some), and am more than happy to help out.