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12/22/2005 11:14am,
Today I recieved my Nogi rashguards that I ordered on sale. I paid something like 19 bucks each. If you really care, I got the blade designs, because they were in sale. Both are short sleeve, one is black/red and the other is white/green. I would have gone for the more plain styles, but they weren't on sale, so oh well. I probably would have bought some shorts, if they were on sale too. Yes, I'm cheap, but not Walmart cheap. Shipping time was decent, ordered them a week ago, recieved them today. My only peeve is that they did not include a shipping number, I mean, the total came out to be $43. Considering I paid 5.50 to ship two shirts, a tracking number would be nice.

I bought these per Kirik's recommendation and the fact they were on sale. Too bad Chris Brennan is pissed about Kirik's exlusive advertising contract on www.mma.tv with Sprawl, but what can you do?

Anywho, I won't be able to try them out til tonight but I did try them on.

My first thoughts are:

Doesn't feel as comfortable as UnderArmor, texture-wise. Feels plasticy, but I guess that probably means it'll wear less. Also it's a little tight around the neck. I don't have a huge neck, but it's probably a bit bigger than the average Joe's because I used to wrestle. Also, when pulled tight, it kind of feels like piano wire cutting into you. Longer sleeves than UnderArmor, but also tighter fitting. The logo on the front is a bit rubbery (different friction ratio that the fabric), but it's on the front so it shouldn't cause any rotational or sliding problems.

Umm... hopefully later tonight I can tell you how well they wick moisture and move on the mat.

12/22/2005 11:07pm,
I didn't really get too sweaty today, but the rashguard allows me to move around on the mat just fine. Overall, it's a pretty good product, and still came out cheaper than UnderArmor. Obviously these are going to find their way into my rashguard rotation, because I go 4-5 times a week and I only had one up til now.

Oh yea, don't forget: White and other light colors make you look big, black and other dark colors make you look slim.

12/23/2005 1:06am,
$9, Wal-mart. Don't need much more than that really.