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4/17/2003 12:15am,
Hmmm, as one of the few nonpartisans here at Bullshido, I cast my vote for the, 'Those Wacky martial arts (#1)' thread. Undoubtedly, the greatest thread ever posted. :p

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The Wastrel
4/17/2003 12:20am,
Pretty good idea. I think that "Nail it Shut. Please." And "Qi, Ki, Chi Whatever" were both very good threads...if I do say so myself!

Who are the non-partisans?

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Deadpan Scientist
4/17/2003 1:01am,
Rottie thread is #1!!!

4/17/2003 5:04pm,
Actually, the forum is just for old posts nobody is reading. I might end up creating a forum for the most read posts such as "Those wacky..." at a later date though. It's a good idea.

4/22/2003 1:28pm,
The Top Ten Forum?


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