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kerwin white
12/07/2005 11:46am,
Okay, okay! So you think I wonít compete do you?

Iíve found two events all I want to know is will they except me or not, because I have no MMA record.



broken fingers
12/07/2005 11:50am,
wrong place to put thread

kerwin white
12/07/2005 12:03pm,
you get the quickeist response here!

12/07/2005 12:13pm,
please just DIAF

broken fingers
12/07/2005 9:47pm,
Why hasn't this been moved yet??

Poop Loops
12/07/2005 9:49pm,
I don't know, why don't you CONTACT THE PEOPLE ORGANIZING IT?

12/08/2005 6:34pm,
Kerwin. Contact. The. Promoter.

Ask. Your. Coach.

You make the *same* thread every time you post. You get the *same* answers every time you post.