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4/13/2003 5:22am,
Brawl club condemned

nov 05,2002

MARTIAL arts experts have backed calls to shut down a Melbourne sporting club that teaches teens to fight with knives. The Close Quarter Combat Centre in Nunawading is under police and government investigation after the Herald Sun yesterday revealed it runs classes in knife and gun fighting for young men and teens. Violent images of knife fights and advertisements for an armour-piercing blade have been removed from the club's website.

References to knife fighting, gun combat and the club slogans "Fear is staring into the eyes of a knife fighter" and "Thrive in chaos" were also removed. But club leader Glenn Zwiers yesterday vowed to keep teaching youngsters how to fight with guns and knives, despite growing community outrage. Police Minister Andre Haermeyer has pledged to close the club. He asked police yesterday to investigate the club and Mr Zwiers.

"I want to put this show out of business," Mr Haermeyer said. "This is about not self-defence. It's basically armed gang warfare and it appeals to a real thug, hoodlum mentality, which I think is really foreign to our civilisation here in Australia." The Martial Arts Industry Association yesterday joined growing criticism of the club's tactics. President Walt Missingham said it was giving other, reputable clubs a bad name. "We've done a check on the principal of this association and the main instructors and none of them are accredited. That gives us cause for concern," he said.

He said there was no justification for teaching children to fight with knives or guns. "Children are so impression able. If they're learning to fight with knives, they're going to carry knives. Is that what we want in our schools?" Mr Zwiers, a former army reservist, yesterday refused to bow to pressure to stop the classes. "Have any of my students been charged with attacking someone? No," Mr Zwiers said. He said six teenagers were being taught to fight with knives at the centre.

"They have been attacked or they're scared of being attacked," Mr Zwiers said. He said accreditation was not required to teach martial arts.

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Close Quarter Combat Centre -


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Teens learn knife combat

By Nikki Protyniak

November 04, 2002

A MELBOURNE sporting club that teaches young men and teenagers to fight with knives and guns is under investigation. The Close Quarter Combat Centre in Nunawading also promotes the sale of long-bladed steel fighting knives, sharp enough to pierce body armour. The club's mascot is an evil-looking kangaroo wielding a dagger in one gloved paw and a pistol in the other. The club motto is "Thrive in Chaos".

Its students are encouraged to wear T-shirts in the streets bearing the club slogan "fear is staring into the eyes of a knife fighter". Authorities have expressed alarm about the club and its techniques, which include teaching primary school pupils to fight with their fists. Police Minister Andre Haermeyer told the Herald Sun he found the concept terrifying. "I think this is despicable. It has all the appearance of being a training school for gangs and thugs," Mr Haermeyer said. "I find it frightening. I think most of the community would. "I will refer this to the police immediately. We need to stamp it out."

The Department of Justice would also be asked to investigate the club and its leaders, Mr Haermeyer said. The club has been advertising its services - including a fighting technique dubbed Killshot - in letterbox flyers delivered to homes in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. The flyers pose the question: "Interested in learning how to fight with your hands, a stick, a knife or a gun?". The club also promotes its weapon fighting classes via the Internet, claiming they are suitable for people as young as 16.

"Our system is based on teaching you how to fight as quickly as possible," the club's website brags. "You will learn hand strikes, combative kicks, takedowns, restraints locks, knife fighting, knife defence, impact weapon (and) stick fighting, stick defence, disarms, gun combat and more. We utilise command and mastery, drills and combat scenarios for realism and muscle memory retention purposes."

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4/13/2003 5:29am,
News Update:

Martial arts grip tightens


apr 11, 2003

VICTORIA'S martial arts industry faces a shake-up aimed at shutting down shady operators.

The State Government is considering changing laws after it discovered it could not close down what it called "an academy for thugs", revealed last year by the Herald Sun. Criminal records checks for instructors, advertising guidelines, clubs and compulsory permits for martial arts weapons are all on the Government's agenda.

Police Minister Andre Haermeyer yesterday said reviewing the martial arts industry was part of its full-frontal assault on weapons in the community. "The industry itself feels there are a lot of fly-by-nighters and shady individuals who parade as martial arts instructors," Mr Haermeyer said. "They want to create community confidence in their industry." The industry is supporting government regulations, in principle. Frank Monea, vice-president of the National Association of Martial Arts Professionals, said he was unaware of the detail of the proposed legislation, but backed taking a more professional approach to criminal checks and advertising.

Mr Monea said some unqualified operators were running classes in which most of the students were children. "I went into a school once, it was a hired hall, and there were kids of about 13 using butterfly knives . . . the instructor was about 18 himself. That's about the worst I have seen," he said. The Herald Sun revealed last year that the Close Quarter Combat Centre in Nunawading was advertising provocatively and teaching how to fight with knives. An alarmed Mr Haermeyer promised to shut down the centre, but a police investigation revealed it was not breaking laws.

The centre had advertised with statements such as: "To train against a knife fighter you have to learn to be a knife fighter. Why? Knife fighters are precise and the most extreme and dangerous people you can ever face with a knife." Mr Haermeyer said the Govern ment did not have a problem with legitimate martial arts. Close Quarter Combat Centre manager Glenn Zwiers said that 90 per cent of the centre's training was unarmed and that they only used rubber knives.

Mr Zwiers supported the Government's proposal for criminal record checks on operators and said all his instructors were clean.


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"Violent images of knife fights and advertisements for an armour-piercing blade "


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