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11/14/2005 4:38am,
Click on the video "MAI" Muaychaiya II,
or download directly from:

I remember Muay Chaiya from an article posted here about ancient Muay Thai styles.
This clip shows a few of the techniques from that style. I wonder if the arm break at around 37s is a legit technique, or whether it's flawed somehow.

Take a look at the other clips to get a sense of the style. It's quite cool to look into what they claim is a form of Muay Thai from the past, with a much more complete arsenal.

11/14/2005 9:57am,
Nope, that's a real technique I learned it 10 years ago in my first exposure to real martial arts while training with Kru Kevin Jakobs in Ler drit. Ler drit or Lerd rit is supposedly the non-sportive MT his guys also fight in MT matches so it's not too esoteric. There is a big twist in that arm break that he is not doing in order to spare his training partner.