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11/11/2005 5:41pm,
Just a thought...

TUF 2 had some pretty disappointing fights and fighters. Sure, in the end the finals were great, but there were some real disappointments along the way.

Is there any way, short of actually having contestants fight for a place on the show, of weeding out the guys who look good on paper? Or maybe they should have to fight to get on.

Just wondering.

11/12/2005 2:34am,
Fighting to get in sounds good... They could show it in the first episode.

11/12/2005 3:35pm,

11/13/2005 10:49am,
How about a rule against existing injuries that could easily get worse in the course of a normal sparring match? Did I mention my shoulder hurts...?

As far as I know they DO have to submit a video of themselves training as well as speaking to the camera, so that the show evaluators can get a rough estimate of their ability. Not sure if they actually demonstrate anything to them in person though.

11/14/2005 12:19pm,
Yesterday atthe throwdown athe Ground Control, they had some picture of one of thre guys trying out for the 205 weight division. they had a picture with Dana White in there too. So yeah, they have to try out in person too.

11/14/2005 7:15pm,
Don't they all have winning amateur records before getting on the show?

Critical Jo
11/14/2005 8:03pm,
They have to submit a video, list their MMA fight record, their last 3 fights, if the belong to any team, and what martial arts they've practiced. Standard stuff, but I'm sure they go and thoroughly check out the fighters backgrounds to some extent. Those are the only things they go through to determine whether or not they should be on the show. But the people who suck are weeded out in the beginning when they first select their teams. Then people are put on the chopping block yadda yadda.

The issue with this season was that alot of people were bouncing around weight classes to get on the show. People who are Light Heavy's gained weigh to be in the heavyweight divisions, and so on and so forth. This time around its going to be Light Heavyweights and Middleweights only so there should be a better showing of fighters. Since the show comes out in Spring of next year I'm guessing they're going to start shooting sometime in January. The fighters from this season however didn't suck, they just performed poorly in most cases. But hey, if you can beat them in a fight then by all means trash them all you want.

Any Bullies considering entering TUF3?

11/14/2005 9:01pm,
Any Bullies considering entering TUF3?I believe J-Lau was planning on it at one point. Not totally sure about it now.

International W
11/15/2005 12:50am,
If they do lightweights (155 lbs) I may give it a shot.

11/15/2005 3:20am,
If they do lightweights (155 lbs) I may give it a shot.Here's the link to the info for that. Hope it's useful:


Edit: Looks like they're looking for 185 and 205 for TUF 3. Sorry man.

11/15/2005 4:04am,
I think Charlie from my Gym is going to go down to the casting call. He currently weighs around 240 and he already hates it when everyone tells him he should drop to 225 for grappling tournaments... 205 would be an even harder milestone. Oh well, the stories when he returns should be entertaining.

11/15/2005 6:34am,
Here is the application (http://www.theultimatefighter.tv/application.php)