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Fantasy Warrior
11/09/2005 5:05pm,
A collection of far fetched claims of ultimateness...


Welcome to BSM Martial Arts Academy, the ultimate in self defense and martial art development.

Need more for the collection....

11/09/2005 5:15pm,

11/09/2005 5:18pm,
And other Bullshido trading cards...

http://img464.imageshack.us/img464/4848/cardkikko8fw.png http://img352.imageshack.us/img352/618/cardhedge3br.jpg http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/2661/cardjfs20re.jpg http://img469.imageshack.us/img469/6018/cardkage8hg.jpg http://img304.imageshack.us/img304/1149/cardmaverickz21ep.jpg

11/09/2005 5:23pm,
Oh **** some other Sifu is using JFS_USA's title and its a fucking Shan Soo-er at that ....

link is here ...

November 12th & 13th DaShifu Al Beast Seminar (http://www.mooreschinesemartialarts.com/list_shoushu_camps/index2.htm)

Even if his name is Al Beast .. thats just wrong ..
thats a Gong Sau waiting to happen .

November 12th & 13th DaShifu Al Beast Seminar (http://www.mooreschinesemartialarts.com/list_shoushu_camps/index2.htm)

Camps & Seminars for 2005

Beast Seminar - March 12 & 13th 2005 Green Belt & Up
Camp - May 14 &15th All ranks invited @ the Burson School
Camp - September 10 &11th All ranks invited @ the Burson School - Check out Friday with DaShifu Al II before Camp
Beast Seminar - November 12 & 13th 2005

Stay tune for 2006 Camps & Seminar Dates

11/09/2005 5:27pm,
Guys, i Think he wants actual examples. **** all of you, i found an ULTIMATE MARTIAL ARTS board, which has probably been posted, but blow me :P

Click (http://www.umab.com/)

11/09/2005 5:33pm,
The Ultimate Martial Arts Adventure Training Program ... CMS is the ultimate live-in program for the Martial Arts, Outdoor Adventure and Personal Growth


The Ultimate Martial Arts Marketing Bootcamp "In a Box" Audio Program

The Ultimate Martial Arts Webring
Ring Manager: trevorm
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A webring open to all and any martial arts!

google is fun and informative .

11/10/2005 2:40am,
edit:forget it, made a mistake

11/10/2005 3:53am,
Since when does KageKaze take "Ninjitsu" there Kikko? :violent1:

11/10/2005 12:17pm,
Since Kazekage is a character from Naruto, a show about ninjitsu.

11/10/2005 12:20pm,
Everyone knows Tai Chi is the ultimate MA.

11/10/2005 12:34pm,
Since Kazekage is a character from Naruto, a show about ninjitsu.

I think even on Naruto it's "Ninjutsu". :icon_thum

Fantasy Warrior
11/10/2005 12:35pm,
Everyone knows Tai Chi is the ultimate MA.
No it's not, _ing __un is and here's the proof:
From http://dynamickarma.com/wc/beginner.htm
Notice how effective the "Woman's self defense" is in the picture bottom right. awesome.

Fantasy Warrior
11/10/2005 12:39pm,
And this is onre of the classic online course ads: http://www.lethalo.com/pages/1/
Notice how they don't list Wing Chun there, that's because they secretly know that Wing Chun could kick their arse!

11/10/2005 1:15pm,
Whiteshark has the correct.

Tajiquan / Tai Chi Chuan

Supreme Ulitmate Fist.

HELLO !?!?!?!?!??!?

Doctor Shaft
11/10/2005 1:35pm,
And the martial arts world just becomes more and more depressing with time....

Supreme Ultimate Fist may be the ultimate fist, but it's no match for my Qi Gong exercises. While your fist could smash a building, my qi would create an impenatrable field that even Taijiquan, or Lethalo if you really want to be serious, could not penetrate. Then, with a simple thought and subtle gesture from my right ring finger directed towards your temple or forehead (note, I would not touch you), you will fall unconscious, or die, depending on how I direct my qi, or if I was watching Iron Chef on Food Network.

Afterwards, I will hypnotize your girlfriend and sleep with her. Taijiquan could never accomplish this. Not in 2000 years.

11/10/2005 7:18pm,
Haha. 110 pound handicapped woman. Something makes me think of a drooling retard in a wheelchair with a fake leg or something. CRIPPLE FIGHT!