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11/03/2005 10:52am,
I found this **** on another forum and just thought it should be posted to show everyone this god damn con man and monkeys that are making MA look BAD.

I wish this guy would let me punch his off !!! :suicide: See how his "qi" is then.


This is gross... try not to puke as you laugh !!!


11/03/2005 11:05am,
you seem angry...

I don't see any false claims of fighting effectiveness. Tai chi and meditative movements have been proven to lower blood pressure and create euphoric effects for some people. I'm not at all upset by this site.

Oops! I watched the wrong video! sign me on the they are full of crap list.

11/03/2005 11:07am,
sorry dude but you are a month late, this has already been posted.

11/03/2005 11:10am,
oh that's shitty ... well cancel the thread ...

as far as being angry ... i'm not ... just pisses me off that people take the public for idiots.
this guy does make false claims ... he claims he can also heal people over the telephone with his qi.

I've been hit with strikes with ENERGY / PROPER BODY DYNAMICS (had to edit this) behind it and I didn't jump around like a monkey ... I hit the floor in pain and no breath.

This guy is full of ****.

11/03/2005 11:32am,
You've been hit with strikes with qi behind them before? Something tells me this is going to be a funny thread.

11/03/2005 11:33am,
Eric, if you know someone who can hit with "qi power", there is a million dollar prize waiting for them. You might let them know about it.

Peter H.
11/03/2005 11:38am,
Eric, if you know someone who can hit with "qi power", there is a million dollar prize waiting for them. You might let them know about it.

No there isn't, unless he is talking about no-touch chi BS, but strikes that include chi projection are pretty much a staple of kung fu and tai chi.

11/03/2005 11:39am,
the strike had energy behind it !!!! Have you ever been hit with that kind of force behind it .. and I never said qi power ... just stated with some qi behind it. Do you understand the release of energy?? It can be cultivated and released.

ie: my instructor was doing a demo for the class ... he placed his fingers on my chest... then hit me ... I was flattened like a pancake.

I've been hit many times ... sometimes you get hit with alot of force but with little effort ... that was an example ...


11/03/2005 11:46am,
Did he hit you with his fingers or with his fist?

11/03/2005 11:47am,
qi ... can be cultivated, much like land. Through tai chi , qi gung, pa qua ... etc. There are exercises that help with this...

ie: get a large bucket, fill it with water.
get a tenis ball and place it in the water ... hit the ball until it touches the bottom of the bucket.
mark the height that you had to raise your hand to make the ball touch the bottom of the bucket. now lower it a little ... repeat the process until you can strike the ball with just raising your hand a few inches above it.

Helps cultivate your energy.

Don't force it ... just let if happen !!!

That's what I meant. not this I won't touch you and have you get flattened crap.


11/03/2005 11:49am,
Did he hit you with his fingers or with his fist?

Fist ... and it wasn't a push.

If you get hit enough you can recall the difference in force behind the strike. It was more then the time-on-target theory of striking ... although it was applied.

Sorry if I didn't explain better.


Fantasy Warrior
11/03/2005 11:51am,
Chi projection??!!!??!?!!

There is no credible scientific proof that that chi exists, let alone can be put behind a strike. It may be a common belief, but there is no evidence to suggest it's correct. As for being flattened by a collapsing-fist strike to the solar-plexus, what the hell would you expect? And what makes you think Chi entered into the equation... unless you are one of the many who tries to complicate the actual meaning of "chi".

11/03/2005 11:56am,
It was a fist... I've been hit enough to understand the difference.

Ok.. explain how someone can break through 3-4 large blocks of ice with a downward palm strike without jumping and hauling off?


Eric ... believe what you will. Sometimes belief comes through experience.

11/03/2005 12:01pm,

Replace the word qi in all his sentences with the word "energy" then calm the **** down.

11/03/2005 12:01pm,
If a physicist were to study your sensei's punch, would they discover something "extra", i.e. would there be more force than the laws of physics could account for? Or by "qi" do you just mean proper body mechanics?

11/03/2005 12:01pm,
So what you're saying is he actually hit you well. And because he hit you well, Chi must be the explanation, because you haven't felt him hit like that when claiming to NOT use chi.. Is that what you're saying?

Also that you can sense the difference between a normal good punch, and a punch with Chi behind it. Which would be a rather interesting ability. If this feeling is simply that the punch was better, it does not necessarily mean that Chi has anything to do with it. Perhaps you could describe what it's like to be hit with a magical force?