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Wataru Akiyama
10/23/2005 11:31pm,
DarkSamurai1027 is the Ninja.

[22:42] Darksamurai1027: I might start taking Kenpo as well as continue Isshin Ryu....in my Isshin Ryu place they started teaching me how to use these awesome sword-things
[22:42] speedyspaceboy: lol
[22:42] speedyspaceboy: sticks?
[22:43] Darksamurai1027: Kenpo..the art of killing people with sticks..among other things...
[22:43] Darksamurai1027: But Kenpo people learn how to use the Zanbatou. Zanbatous = AWESOME
[22:44] speedyspaceboy: Ah, kenpo tai kwondo.
[22:46] Darksamurai1027: I mean kendo >_> Damn...screwed up the name...its cuz of lack of sleep
[22:47] Darksamurai1027: And Kenpo is...I THINK a form of karate......kendo is crazy **** with swords, sticks, and other nuts weapons
[22:47] speedyspaceboy: LOL
[22:47] speedyspaceboy: Kendo is the ****.
[22:48] Darksamurai1027: Kendo ownz....with the combination of uber Kendo skillz and Isshin Ryu skillz (plus Isshin Ryu has freaky-ass sword things..and poles/ores...and tonfas....) id be UBER
[22:48] speedyspaceboy: lol
[22:49] Darksamurai1027: I still havent been taught how to use the goddamn poles and tonfas
[22:49] Darksamurai1027: ...Isshin RYu rocks...its just not for..the weak minded
[22:49] Darksamurai1027: It requires VERY quick thinking....
[22:51] speedyspaceboy: heh
[22:51] speedyspaceboy: they're still laughing
[22:51] speedyspaceboy: OMG! he should register his fists as lethal weapons LOL
[22:52] Darksamurai1027: .....Isshin Ryu is useful >_> It can be annoying tho....especially when one of the instructors is an ex-marine
[22:56] Darksamurai1027: ..........the saddest thing I have ever heard.....a T'ai Chi master claims that anything that is taught (meaning out of school...college counts tho) can help martial arts skill...yea right....if I took a child psychology lesson, would that help me kill people? Uhhh...no...
[22:56] speedyspaceboy: lol
[22:59] Darksamurai1027: Everyone on that forum is obsessed with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu >_> Its annoying
[23:01] Darksamurai1027: Oh, and gun classes are considered a martial art....as is archery....weird...I never considered either to be martial arts
[23:02] speedyspaceboy: I want to learn Gun kata, lol
[23:02] Darksamurai1027: ...Gun kata????
[23:03] Darksamurai1027: YOu mean....you want to take gun lessons? What gun kata? Kata are basically insane martial arts moves...and guns are..guns
[23:04] speedyspaceboy: Yeah.
[23:05] Darksamurai1027: I know quite a bit of kata, as Isshin Ryu is all about improvising with moves, punching peoples solar plexus (I know, cruel, yet effective), and mixing moves together (which is....kata, basically)
[23:05] speedyspaceboy: Ever saw Madlax?
[23:05] Darksamurai1027: Nope
[23:05] speedyspaceboy: Watch it.
[23:05] speedyspaceboy: You'll see Gun kata.
[23:05] Darksamurai1027: ...gun kata aint real...
[23:05] Darksamurai1027: ....I mean....katas are fucking OLD...and guns are new...sooooo they dont mix
[23:07] Darksamurai1027: But, as of yesterday, I know how to stab someones solar pleaxus, killing them, with two freaky ninja sword things...GO ME
[23:07] Darksamurai1027: Yet, they advised me to never use that technique....good advice :P
[23:07] speedyspaceboy: do you mind if I quote you?
[23:08] Darksamurai1027: ...youre trying to prove that im more of a psycho killer than you...arent ya?
[23:08] speedyspaceboy: Nah.
[23:08] speedyspaceboy: I wanna know the opinion of some qualified martial artists
[23:09] Darksamurai1027: Fine, fine...but if they start calling me a psycho-murderer, im saying it was you!
[23:09] speedyspaceboy: K.
[23:10] Darksamurai1027: I know my place isnt a McDojo.....its also quite traditional...its just a bit...TOO traditional
[23:10] speedyspaceboy: ah
[23:10] Darksamurai1027: Most places wont teach ya the stuff that kills people...this place does..tho they say NEVER use this stuff that CAN kill, cuz if ya do, your ass is grass
[23:13] Darksamurai1027: *sighs* I dont get a black gi till third dan black belt...WAAAAH! I need mah black gi!!!
[23:13] speedyspaceboy: lol
[23:14] Darksamurai1027: Actually...the instructor is only second dan, soooo....im gonna have to get my black gi at another Isshin Ryu place...tho I highly doubt that there are others nearby
[23:14] Darksamurai1027: Ill wait another...10 years *sigh*
[23:15] Darksamurai1027: Damn black belt...it takes ya five years to get a black belt, and another five years to raise one fuckin rank!

Speedyspaceboy is me, and the Gun Kata thing was sarcasm. :thumbsup:

10/24/2005 2:23am,
That was the dumbest thing I've ever read. On both sides of the coin.

10/24/2005 2:57am,
What makes him a ninja? Wait, I'll tell you... nothing.

10/24/2005 3:19am,
How can you talk to each other for half an hour and not start flirting?

10/24/2005 4:06am,
How can you talk to each other for half an hour and not start flirting?

They don't have your suave manner.

Wataru Akiyama
10/24/2005 5:12am,
That was the dumbest thing I've ever read. On both sides of the coin.

I agree, but I'm not trying to be intelligent. :icon_salu

10/24/2005 8:50am,
"can you please pass the syrup. ......please pass the syrup....can you..CAN YOU PLEASE PASS THE SYRUP. oh"

Wataru Akiyama
10/24/2005 10:38am,
What makes him a ninja? Wait, I'll tell you... nothing.
Don't make him angry. He'll kill you.

With his forbidden powers.

10/24/2005 10:49am,
That was amusing. I wonder if the ninja knows that archery was also practised by the samurai, not just swordmanship. Now that I think about it, they also used firearms when they became available.