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Christmas Spirit
10/23/2005 8:58pm,
Men clad as ninjas rob 7-Eleven
Statesman staff
Edition Date: 10-23-2005

Boise police are looking for two men who robbed a 7-Eleven while dressed as ninjas.

The robbers, described as being in their early 20s, walked into the 7-Eleven at Ustick and Maple Grove Roads around 2:45 a.m. Friday, threatened a clerk with a butcher knife and ran away with an undisclosed amount of cash. They were last seen heading West on Ustick, Boise police spokesman Lt. Randy Roper said.

A dark-colored passenger car was seen speeding away from a nearby Pizza Hut soon after the robbery and may have been involved.

No one was hurt in the robbery, which is still under investigation.


Does it need commentary when Ninja's rob 7-Elevens ?

10/23/2005 9:41pm,
Speeding only brings attention to yourself.

No one was hurt in the robbery, which is still under investigation.
Obviously not a real ninja operation.

10/27/2005 6:43pm,
Ninja's robbing 7 Elevens? They have stooped too low this time...

10/28/2005 12:29pm,
maybe they were practicing there ninja skills and decided to get a slurpee in the process.

Singing Phoenix
11/02/2005 1:24pm,
Thasts it!!! DAMN IT Method2Madness you hit the nail square on the head!! You know how we
"ninja" can't resist the power of an Icy cold slurpee :qpepsi: . And it wasn't a butcher knife.....it was a wakasashi of DOOM!!! damn people can't even get their blades right........ sheesh

ohh and the whole speeding thing.. ummm yeahh that wasnt me. I was actually across the street at the bus stop.

11/02/2005 3:27pm,
the slurpee a ninjas only natural weakness

Singing Phoenix
11/02/2005 11:13pm,