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10/23/2005 8:52am,

The story's almost two years old, yes, but reading through it it's not entirely the same as the usual "karate kid gets ass kicked" tales that clutter the papers.

Mr Cooper - our victim, "a black belt in a form of Korean karate", was practising his skills in the park with a friend. No offence, but if you do that, the chances of someone coming over and making a 'humourous' comment are quite high. So Mr Blair calls him over and makes a silly comment.

"Mr Cooper left the park. He returned armed with a martial arts weapon."

Hang on. It's not exactly self defence now, is it. This is "you have greatly insulted me, my family honor and the size of my penis. Now I will smite you with..." well, whatever thing he had with him.

""It is not precisely clear what happened then but at some point Mr Cooper was punched by one man and was flat on the ground, and then Blair stamped on him at least four times. When he was arrested he admitted stamping on him but said he had not used much weight and thought it was only twice."

Now the attacker gets 5 and a half years in jail. Alright, fair enough, you can't go beating people up. But thanks to Mr Cooper's pettiness, Mr Blair - the bad guy - was actually now acting in self defence against an armed person.

Let's say Mr Blair had not been the fighting type, but had made the same silly comment. Mr Cooper could have had a staff, a sword, some sort of bladed thing he bought of the internet. Mr Blair would have been injured and we'd now have "Martial Arts Kid Beats Up Innocent Stranger."

Yeah, he got beat up, but he gives the rest of us a bad name, really.

Toby Christensen
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Sorry. OK. Let the thread die.