View Full Version : Makoto Takimoto ( Japan ) vs. Yoon Dong Sik ( Korea )

10/20/2005 11:05pm,
I think this match is going to be interesting on how they improved. I read an interview with Yoon Dong Sik and he seems to be taking it more seriously after getting pointers from Sakuraba, including trying to gain more weight and not thinking about winning. This fight is interesting especially since both competed in Judo in the past. I wonder though if Yoon started his MMA career a bit late as he's already 35 years old. He did admit that Takimoto probably has better striking skill, especially since Takimoto has been in MMA's for longer than Yoon. I like the increase in Korean fighters going into MMA's like pride. I think this fight will go to the ground, but I'm still not sure about Yoon's striking ability. Even though Yoon has beaten Takimoto in Judo competition MMa is alot different were striking is just as important as the grappling. Due to this I think Takimoto will get the win, because he has more depth to his fighting. I think Yoon maybe starting his career alittle late and I think he probably would have a better chance if he was atleast 5-10 years younger. I still see improvement though as many people stated Yoon wasn't knocked out by Sakuraba atleast showing hints that maybe he can survive in Pride.
Winner: Takimoto