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10/13/2005 12:52pm,
...please critique.

I, having recently ballooned my fatass up to a disgusting 230lbs of jiggly shame, and now I am on my way back down the scale. Let me know what you think of my plan, and offer any recommendations.

Current eating regimen
NHE (Natural Hormonal Enhancement) plan. I stay under 50g refined carbs daily, but can eat unlimited amounts of spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, green beans, celery, and similar veggies. 2x weekly (on a 3/4 split), my final meal of the day is a "carb up" meal - usually pasta with red sauce, sushi or big bowl of wo wonton mein. I round out the rest of my eating with protein and fats.I eat 5x daily, 3 meals and 2 snacks. I drink a gallon of water a day in addition to 12 ounces of crystal light with main meals. I average between ~2000-~2500 cals a day, depending on my workout for the day.

Workout regimen
3x week (MWF), I do 40 minutes of ballistic KB workouts. Right now, it consists of alternating sets of snatches, right vs. left. I do 6 snatches of a 36lb. kettlebell per minute, alternating left hand/right hand (i.e. 6 snatches with right hand, rest for remainder of minute, then top of 2nd minute do 6 snatches with left hand, rest for remainder of minute etc.). I increase 1 rep per week, so next week I'll be doing 7 reps per set, the following week 8 per set, etc. After the full week of 10 reps per set, I'll drop back down to 5 reps per set, but go up in weight to a 53lb. kettlebell and begin to cycle up again.

Want to add in:
3x week (TThS), go for a 2 mile run/walk. Kettlebell grinds consisting of 5x5 of 2 exercises - double kettlebell front squats (2 53lb. kettlebells) and bent presses (starting with 36lb. kettlebell and eventually moving up to 53lb. kettlebell).

Have been eating this way for 2 weeks and doing the 3x weekly KB ballistic workouts and so far have dropped 10 lbs. I don't expect to continue such rapid weight loss and am comfortable with the "slow but sure" route. I want to eventually settle in the 170-180 lb. range, which I think was my healthiest weight range, so I've got about 40 lbs. to go. Martial arts training has been put on the back burner, I'm just trying to get back in shape to start up again. My goal is to follow this regimen religiously until Dec. 1, at which point I will reincorporate MA training (stickfighting DB style and MMA), redesign the supplementary workouts and reevalute how much further I have to go to hit ~170-180.

Any thoughts, advice and recommendations will be greatly appreciated and taken into consideration.

Aloha, Poi

10/13/2005 1:02pm,
Your diet sounds good and reasonable, although I'd really have to know what your caloric intake was to give you any concrete advice. Try writing a meal diary for a few days and post it here.

As far as your two-mile sojurns, I would recommend a fast walk or upping the distance and adding a bike. For a big boy like yourself, running can be very hard on the joints.

I can tell you that you're probably not taking the most efficient route when it comes to developing strength with your kettle bell routine, but I'll let the iron heads take the helm when it comes to specific advice.

10/13/2005 1:06pm,
RM, thanks for the input. Right now, I'm not using the KBs to increase my strength, I'm just trying to halt the current atrophy of what muscles I have left. After Dec. 1, I'll refocus on increasing strength. I'll post a week meal diary next Thu to let you know what an average week looks like for my eating habits, thanks for the suggestion.