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Anna Kovacs
10/09/2005 1:30am,
REAL ninjas.


Bad choreography +bullshido+ ninja roleplaying.

10/09/2005 2:12am,
The videos are rated "ch" for chesse. nice avatar. If they paid a mall to give demos youre probably trying to get into movies not ninjutsu.

10/09/2005 2:56am,
:wtfgif9fr Thats all I can say about that crap

10/09/2005 3:00am,
The audio makes those clips.

Great avatar and user title thingy- you get t3h plus rep.

We should send you to terminate these...... kunoichi.

10/09/2005 9:34pm,

check out the wolverine style "hand claw" is this site a parody or are they serious? (i cant watch the vids either)

10/09/2005 10:34pm,
So if the Ninja arts were not passed from father to son or master to disciple and chronicled in every detail, what are we studying today? The answer is simple. Ninjutsu is an idea. Although there are many references to numerous skills used by the Ninja of the past, we must not lose sight of the fact that this was an art that was famous for being unpredictable, adaptable, and most importantly, secretive. The art is completely open to interpretation, and each interpretation is in itself a form of Ninjutsu. There are literally dozens of teachers who have created arts based solely or loosely on the concept of the Ninja, which has led to many romanticized training revivals, the creation of new organizations and the founding of new systems.

I like the page on "Historical Ties". Usually a "ninja" group will not attempt to trace a linege (because they don't have one), and hope that nobody brings up the subject. This guy takes a different approach, and he takes a whole page to say it but I read it as:

"Anything I pull out of my ass and call ninjitsu is ninjitsu".