View Full Version : Boredom/Jaded-ism in Training

10/08/2005 9:32pm,
Anybody get sick of training from time to time? I don't mean when you get disillusioned by your system and want to switch, I'm talking about when you're running to class and you're thinking about all the things you are going to do that day in class or sparring and then it just hits you...

"Why do I keep doing this?" Of course you're not going to quit, might go AWOL for a little while. I'm not just talking about the preclass boredom & laziness that goes away once you get to class or even monotonous training in class that might get boring from time to time. I'm talking about the flash of dissection that runs through your head on dissecting why you're even doing martial arts in the first place.

I bet some of you in your many years of training go through the same thing and its not even about switching to a new system or school or whatever, its why you're doing it in the first place and maybe its time to move on to something completely new like hanggliding or snowboarding etc. I bet many of you who get these midlife martial arts crisises prob just go back and train till it goes away but just wondering what else you do to keep it going.

10/08/2005 9:36pm,
I get the opposite. I sit there all day at work just wishing I was training.

Poop Loops
10/08/2005 9:45pm,
Yes. But I force myself to do it anyway and afterwards I'm happy I did.

Every now and then I will give into the urge of staying at home or whatever instead of training and later I feel really bad for not going.


Gypsy Jazz
10/08/2005 10:58pm,
I was starting to get that feeling a little bit here and there. Now that I can't train (at least until I'm done with some stuff) I wish I were training all the time.

bad credit
10/08/2005 11:45pm,
Yeah, I've been there. Although I can't imagine ever giving up the arts completely, I could kick myself for skipping so many times. I'm training in crap right now, just biding my time to get more money to go somewhere better. I should be training on my own in the meanwhile, but I'm so depressed about not having done more with the arts in my life that it's almost impossible to get motivated. GRRRR. I gotta get off my ass.

10/09/2005 9:01am,
i had a feeling kinda like that yesterday during sparring-class. i just realized that i SUCK, I SUCK I SUCK I SUCK. i got schooled by basically everybody in class, including people who started kickboxing the same time i did, and back then i remember that i was able to hold my own(or more) ...
the feeling really sucked. but i'm gonna keep training and trying ... gnah

10/09/2005 9:11am,
Its just another one of those things; you'll get past it if you want. Barring IRL issues, don't stop your momentum. Less crying, more training.

10/16/2005 6:16am,
It can depend how your technique's feeling that day. Some days I go and I mess everything up and think 'that was a waste of time' and sometimes I do well or better-than-well and feel just as great as those early n00b days when every day was progress.

You hit that plateau, eventually, whereby it takes ages to progress a tiny step, whereas the newer you are, you feel as if you're learning huge chunks in one lesson. I think that's the average quitting time is about 18 months - 2,3 years into it. (correct me if I'm wrong. Wonder if anyone did a study?)

I was thinking the other day it sometimes feels like a marriage. Some days you love and adore it; other days you can't stand it and wished you'd never started, but in the end, you're stuck with it, you know you aren't going to leave because you love it too much. So you just wait for the next good day.

10/16/2005 9:03pm,
I used to feel like that. Especially when I was a kid in TKD. Standing in a line doing a repeditive techinque over and over again until you got it 'just right'. I'd spend half of class waiting for sparing and then end up happy. But before each class I was bored just dreading going because I knew it would be that form work over and over again with a small chance of sparing.

But now that i'm older I find a few level of commitment to what I'm doing. I can go to my aikido class and just listen to my teacher talk and throw around the sempai, or just work on the exercisies for the whole class. Of course I love being uke and could just do that as well. And well, who doesn't love being nage. It seems i'm always learning and picking up something little, like the way he let his elbow drop or the way they steped that allowed them to take uke's balance faster, or things like that.

Of course I've only been doing aikido for a short while, and it could just be that. But I have yet to leave a class where I wasn't full of energy and excited about my growth in that class. I can only hope that never changes. And when I look of the other students in the class, I see the same excitement, even those who have been there for years. I can't say I ever felt this way in any of the other martial arts I've done.