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4/03/2003 9:30pm,
Ehrlich seeks to block judgment

April 3, 2003

By Adrienne Carlisle

GRAHAMSTOWN -- Former karate instructor Bruce Ehrlich, who is charged with 14 counts of indecently assaulting young boys, yesterday asked the high court here to interdict magistrate Paul Pretorius from giving judgment on Monday, saying there was a "very real possibility" he would be "wrongly convicted".

Pretorius intended giving judgment on Monday in, the marathon three-year criminal trial which has been interspersed with dozens of bail, review, recusal and other applications by Ehrlich. Ehrlich, who represented himself, claims his application for review proceedings was based on a "reasonable apprehension of bias in the trial court and cumulative trial-related prejudice in various forms" that had infringed his right to a "fair and speedy trial".

Ehrlich yesterday said that should he be "wrongly convicted", the potential "injury" to him would be enormous. He likened it to having his head "chopped off". He said should his review proceedings succeed only after such a conviction -- rather than before -- it would be "extremely difficult to re-attach his head and start over again". He submitted that a successful appeal after an unfair trial and conviction would "hardly address" the prejudice he would have suffered.

Advocate Nickie Turner, for the state, argued there could be no certainty that Ehrlich would be convicted and he was effectively asking the court to speculate. She argued there was, in any event, another remedy should he be convicted and that involved appeal or review proceedings after judgment.

Justice Frank Kroon said he would deliver judgment tomorrow morning.


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4/05/2003 11:48pm,
News Update:

Bruce Ehrlich judgment on Monday

06 April 2003

Former karate instructor Bruce Ehrlich, who is charged with 14 counts of indecently assaulting young boys, will know his fate on Monday after the High Court here on Friday refused to interdict magistrate Paul Pretorius from giving judgment.

Ehrlich wanted Pretorius interdicted from giving judgment on Monday pending review proceedings he intends bringing. Ehrlich said he intended asking the High Court to review and set aside Pretorius's decision not to recuse himself as well as to have the trial proceedings declared a mistrial because of a "reasonable apprehension of bias." Ehrlich claimed that should he be wrongly convicted, the potential injury to him would be enormous.

But yesterday Justice Frank Kroon said that it was no more than speculation that Ehrlich would be found guilty. He found that Ehrlich's prospects of success in review proceedings appeared weak. He pointed out that, in any event, should the magistrate find him guilty, he could follow the ordinary remedy of seeking to have this decision overturned either through an appeal or a review.


8/23/2007 10:04am,
Convicted paedophile's plea struck from roll

A bid by convicted paedophile Bruce Ehrlich to stop Correctional Services Minister Ncgonde Balfour from transferring him to a prison outside East London, was struck from the Grahamstown High Court Roll on Thursday.

Ehrlich, who is serving a 15-year prison sentence in East London's maximum security prison for 14 counts of sexual offences against minor boys, represented himself at the brief hearing.

Erhlich, a former karate instructor was sentenced in 2003. He had been convicted of similar offences in Knysna in 1993.

Erhlich's application sought to prevent Balfour and two other respondents from transferring him from the East London facility to any other prison outside of the city's magisterial district.

He further asked the court to grant him other, or alternative relief.

According to Ehrlich such a transfer "would be unlawful and a deliberate attempt to frustrate due legal process".

Ehrlich also asked that Balfour pay the costs of his application.

In papers before the court it was argued on behalf of the respondents, that Ehrlich's application to interdict the minister and senior East London correctional services officials "was fatally defective in that there is no provision to reinstate the application which has previously been withdrawn".

In opposing the action to interdict the minister, court papers indicate that Ehrlich had based his application on a case which was finalised on October 20, 2006, in terms of which an agreement was reached that Ehrlich would not be transferred to Mdantsane prison without there first being negotiations with senior area correctional services officials.

The respondents' affidavit avers that the previous agreement which Ehrlich relied upon was not made an order of the court, and accordingly the incorrect procedure had been followed by Ehrlich to pursue that agreement which was reached.

It was submitted in the respondents' heads of argument that the reason for Ehrlich's transfer was that the East London correctional facility was being reclassified to a maximum security institution, and Ehrlich was categorised as a medium offender and would be transferred with other medium category offenders. - Sapa


8/23/2007 5:43pm,
No matter what that lousy excuse for flesh does, he is going to the "pound-me-in-the-ass" prison. Now he will be the little boy getting sexually assaulted. He'll have an asshole loose enough to fit a fire hydrant in the first week.

:XXphyhsas :la:

8/23/2007 7:52pm,
^^ Wherein lies the beauty of the justice system...

8/26/2007 7:15pm,
"Indecently assaulting" young boys?

Begs the question if there is a decent way to assault young boys......like what? He didn't buy them ice-cream afterwards or something?

Don't get any hopes for your man getting tied to a barrel...he's more likely to end up in protective custody.

8/29/2007 3:19am,
I hope he will be in a prison to the end of his life...