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10/05/2005 1:30pm,
I know this has been pondered before so I am just revisiting.

I often wonder why some pple take great intrest in a hobby that they will NEVER use. By this I mean all the pple who go to advanced survival uber spec ops training camps or Dai himitsu cho ninpo sleep away camp where they dress up and do alot of things the will never really use. And some of those things cost out the whazoo. Now I can see paying money to go to BJJ seminar if you take BJJ to compete, fitness, or self defense. Or flying to Thailand or China to train since it is likely you can use what you learned in a situation.

Example I am talking about is that I just talked to this guy who is going to a survivalist course. I asked does he go camping? No. Does he plan on going camping? Not really. Does he plan on traveling to remote places? No. Does he hunt? No. So I am thinking WTF are you going to a survivalist course for.

I truly doe understand hobbies, lord knows I have alot of them. But I think there is a point where pple go too far that it stops being a hobby and starts just being stupid.

10/05/2005 1:33pm,
Maybe it makes them feel manly. They can say to people "yeah im a trained survivor.Been on courses an' everything. Awesome aint I"

Peter H.
10/05/2005 1:33pm,
It's the adult version of playing soldier, they just don't get made fun of for it at the office on Monday.

10/05/2005 1:35pm,
You ever see one of those 'Outward Bound' courses?

Huge dough. And it's a bunch of rappelling, high wire walking, etc.

None of the pasty faced bank executives, etc. on the course will ever use that stuff. But that isn't the point. The point is that conquering these things builds esteem and character. It empowers people.

If idiot boy wants to pay $5000 to live off the land for a couple of weeks, let him. He'll trap a squirrell and feel like he's king of the forest.

Poop Loops
10/05/2005 1:36pm,
Maybe it's just fun? I play video games. Mashing buttons will NEVER come to be a useful skill in life, but I like doing it.

It's the people who take a survivalist course, come out thinking they are experts, and keep bringing up how they were on a survivalist course and they know everything now. So now, when they are in their office at work, they point the desc towards the door, so they are always facing it. You NEVER KNOW when an assassin or bear or bear assassin could come in looking to ruin your ****.

Or they try and "conserve" food in stupid ways.


10/05/2005 1:40pm,
And have thousands of gallons of bottled water on hand 'just in case'.

Poop Loops
10/05/2005 1:41pm,
And then you have a natural disaster strike, and his safety wistle actually does come in handy.


Peter H.
10/05/2005 1:43pm,
You know, thinking about it, I know a lot of people who "play" at doing something or being something, but never actually do it, despite the opportunity.

When I was at the clinic getting my arm looked at, the doctor asked me how it got bruised up so badly, and I explained that it was from getting hit while kickboxing. She tells me that she kickboxes too, and never gets bruised and I should go someplace where you don't get hit as hard. I smile and nod (why the **** would I go kickbox at a place where I'm not going to hit hard or get hit hard back?)

Same thing with guys wanting to be wrestlers. It's all fine and dandy when they are tossing a guy around and pretending to be Hulk Hogan, but the minute they have to run the ropes or get slammed, or **** up and nearly hurt someone who chokes them in retribution, play time is over and it's time to go home and cry for mommy.

Granted I play D&D, so who the hell am I to talk about people pretending to be something else.

10/05/2005 1:44pm,
The same reason why ppl join the army reserves....too feel all cool that they can shoot a gun and go play weekend soldier.....oh wait thats the canadian reserves....you yanks use your reserves to go conquer oil rich countries:)

10/05/2005 1:54pm,
I was chatting with the guy behind the counter of an MA supply store the other day. He personally found it very strange how often people with no training would come in, check out the instructional materials, check out the training equipment, check out the bulletin board of classes and wind up buying a weapon.

Most people do not want knowledge, experience or skill; they want instant gratification. Everything else is just too much goddamn work.

10/05/2005 1:58pm,
I hated survival training, especially the winter crap.
I hate weekend warriors.
I don't even like people who do a MA as a "hobby".
As a matter of fact, I hate everybody !!

Damn, I think I have been reading to many of JFS posts !

10/05/2005 2:02pm,
Better that then your girly, "Ive mellowed out as I got older," posts...

On second thought If there were two JFS on this board I would have to kill myself...

10/05/2005 2:03pm,
I go a step farther in defining a Martial Arts LARPer. It includes everyone who trains in Martial Arts but rarely if ever spars and has no intention of testing their skills even in a controlled environment.

Martial Arts LARPers play games that resemble fighting, such as Chi Sau, Point Sparring, or other extremely limited drills that remove most of the important aspects of learning how to use your skills. These people have no intention of getting bruised or banged up and want to endure as little pain as is necessary to achieve some rank within their art.

Why do they do this? Because the general public has no idea how meaningless a black belt from certain schools (or even some styles) really is. As long as people give McDojo artists ego-gratification for their dubious accomplishments in oriental fashion, lumber destruction, and/or profeciency at playing "tag"; the Martial Arts will continue to attract people who have a greater need for the illusion of being a Martial Artist, than for the actual skills a Martial Artist should posess.

10/05/2005 2:03pm,
Better that then your girly, "Ive mellowed out as I got older," posts...

On second thought If there were two JFS on this board I would have to kill myself...


10/05/2005 2:15pm,
dang I had to look at that smiley a minute and I think it is very funny in a not-nice way.

10/05/2005 2:19pm,
Are those little smileys...Jews? I'm wondering if I'm hallucinating from what I just drank or those are actually Jew smilies getting blown up. I think I should lie down anyways.